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Shuggie Bain - A Novel

Douglas Stuart

The Day’s Heat

Roberta George

Evie of the Deepthorn

André Babyn

Dark Circles

Udayan Mukerjee

I Find Myself Charmed

Leenna Naidoo

Of Darkness

Josefine Klougart

Detonator (Nick Stone Book 17)

Andy McNab

The Disappeared

Roger Scruton

Consider the Lilies

Carol Fenlon

The Dream Thief -A Novel

Gregory Petersen

Oligarchy - A Novel

Scarlett Thomas

A Strange Kind of Comfort

Gaylene Dutchyshen

The Story of a Goat

Perumal Murugan

Giving My Heart To The King Of Atlanta

Mo Howard

The Girl Who Came Home to Cornwall - A feelgood romance set in Cornwall

Emma Burstall

A Convenient Marriage - It was the perfect marriage until they fell in love

Jeevani Charika

Freedom Lessons - A Novel

Eileen Harrison Sanchez

Long Time Gone

Anne Meisenzahl

The Broad Highway - The Bestseller of 1911

Jeffery Farnol

To Have and To Hold - The Bestseller of 1900

Mary Johnston

Seventeen - The Bestseller of 1916

Booth Tarkington

Quo Vadis - The Bestseller of 1897

Henryk Sienkiewicz

The Inner Shrine - The Bestseller of 1909

Basil King

Black Oxen - The Bestseller of 1923

Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton

The Inside of the Cup - The Bestseller of 1913

Winston Churchill

If Winter Comes - The Bestseller of 1922

A. S. M. Hutchinson

Main Street - The Bestseller of 1921

Sinclair Lewis

The Crossing - The Bestseller of 1904

Winston Churchill

Tom Grogan - The Bestseller of 1896

F. Hopkinson Smith

Lady Rose's Daughter - The Bestseller of 1903

Mary Augusta Ward