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Survivors: Genesis of a Hero

John Eyers

Shattered Exile - The Chronicles of Freylar

Liam Young

Killing Tomorrow - Evolution's Path Book One

Peter Hill

Sister of the Circuit

Amanda Orneck

The Guardians - The Tempest Isle Series #1

Rena Marin, S.C. Storm


Matt Mountebank

My (Crazy) Reality

Erin Lee

The Invasion of the Tearling - A Novel

Erika Johansen

The Registry

Shannon Stoker

The Wolf's Hour

Robert R. McCammon

Love in the Ruins - The Adventures of a Bad Catholic at a Time Near the End of the World

Walker Percy

The Biggerers

Amy Lilwall

Love in the Ruins and The Thanatos Syndrome

Walker Percy

Billy and the Cloneasaurus

Stephen Kozeniewski

Regeneration - An Echo Hunter 367 Novel

Stacey Berg

The QWERTY MAN - Type Swipe Don't believe the hype

Dan Savery Raz

Into Winter - The Armed Invasion

Larry Landgraf

Tortured Echoes

Cody Sisco

Broken Mirror

Cody Sisco

Believe and Live - The Horrific Prelude to Broken Mirror

Cody Sisco

The Amaranth Chronicles - Deviant Rising

Alexander Barnes, Christopher Preiman

The End We Start From

Megan Hunter

Chaco - A Dystopian Survival Tale with an Unlikely Hero

Peggy A. Wheeler


Zac Thompson

The Family Line

Russ Crossley

The Doll's Alphabet

Camilla Grudova

Heavens on Earth

Carmen Boullosa

The Penguin Sleeps With The Fishes - A Yellow and Bird Mystery

Russ Crossley

After the Flare - A Novel

Bryce Olukotun Deji

End of Empire

Russ Crossley