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[Compu-MECH "Reboot"] - Decimation

[Theodore Riddle]

[Compu-MECH "Reboot"] - The Coming of a New Age!

Theodore Riddle

The Z Virus Volume 1 - Bunker Fever

Rick Jenkins

The Z Virus Volume 2 - Uninvited Guests

Rick Jenkins

Rising Suns - A graphic novel

Robert McTyre Jr

Agent 122 Issue 01

Stephan Nilson

Agent 122 #0

Stephan Nilson

Agent 122 Issue 02

Stephan Nilson

The Shoven Elect - Sci-Fi Novella

Mark Antony Rossi

Force Six The Annihilators the Destruction of Redder Coltrane - Renegade Assassin Heroes Outcast Legends

Drew Spence


Daniel Karhunen

Temple of Syan

Sabina Skiba

In the Shadow of the Wasteland - and other stories

Jesse Thomas

Genu - Volume 2

Tomassy Franquelli Srubek Tomassy Tomassy Tommaso Todesca

New World Order

Lost Age Productions

Dragon's Mist

Randy Cruts


Tomassy Franquelli Srubek Tomassy Tomassy Tommaso Todesca

Ice Gift - illustrated sci-fi story

Olga McArrow

Zarketh - Episode 1

Matthew Boyle

Ceres1: Volume 1 - Regeneration

Dan Lawson

Hope - All Alone

Daniel Chudy

Clockwork Furnace

Ian Duerden

X Vector

Kyle Burch

Life Cycle

Andrew Muff

Prairie Dogs - The First Contact

Michael Comegys


Jeff Lemire

A Tale of the Tail of Nine Stars

Lawrence L. Stentzel III

Lost Legend of the Tude Shifters

JaNelle Garner

Death Hawk: The Complete Saga

Mark Ellis

A Pinnacle Crisis - Book One Revelation of the Heart Stones

C. K. Stevens