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Marvel Comics - The Untold Story

Sean Howe

Gender and the Superhero Narrative

Philip Smith, Michael Goodrum, Tara Prescott

Aychu’s War Against Plastic (Vol2)

Fabelizer Movies One LLP

[Compu-MECH Issue #5 ] - War Against Illegal Firearms!

Theodore Riddle

[Compu-MECH Issue #4 ] - The Deep Dark Waters!

Theodore Riddle

[Compu-MECH Issue #3 ] - Batton's Clones!

Theodore Riddle

[Compu-MECH Issue #2 ] - The Gun Strikes!

Theodore Riddle

[Compu-MECH Issue #1 ] - The Origin of Compu-MECH!

Theodore Riddle

Hellboy's World - Comics and Monsters on the Margins

Scott Bukatman

Super Graphic - A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe

Tim Leong

Badass: The Birth of a Legend - Spine-Crushing Tales of the Most Merciless Gods Monsters Heroes Villains and Mythical Creatures Ever Envisioned

Ben Thompson

Siegel and Shuster's Funnyman - The First Jewish Superhero from the Creators of Superman

Thomas Andrae, Mel Gordon

The King of Rainbows - The Seven Rainbow Superstars #1

Tori Joel

Legacy Wars: Part 2 - Invasion Agents #11

C. Dennis Moore

420 High School - Christmas edition

Gary Winstead

Seven Comic Book Strips Volume 1

Robert Jeschonek

Seven Comic Book Scripts Volume 3

Robert Jeschonek

Invasion Agents #10: Legacy Wars Part 1 - Invasion Agents #10

C. Dennis Moore

Superman: The Movie - The 40th Anniversary Interviews

Gary Bettinson

Invasion Agents: The Legend of Randy Micaels - Invasion Agents #9

C. Dennis Moore

Diary Of A Wimpy Noob: Deadpool in Jailbreak - Noob's Diary #22

Nooby Lee

Invasion Agents #8: Aliens! - Invasion Agents #8

C. Dennis Moore

Invasion Agents #6: Lost! - Invasion Agents #6

C. Dennis Moore

Invasion Agents #5: Working on the Chain Gang - Invasion Agents #5

C. Dennis Moore

Invasion Agents #4: Who is Number 5? - Invasion Agents #4

C. Dennis Moore

Alpha Gods: Revelation

Ian Sharman

Superior Phalanx - one #1

Wilhelm Peters

Invasion Agents #3: Between the Thorn and the Flower the Pleasure & the Pain - Invasion Agents #3

C. Dennis Moore

Snapper Trapper™: FREE PREVIEW

Elidio de Vasconcelos

Marvel's Black Panther - A Comic Book Biography From Stan Lee to Ta-Nehisi Coates

Todd Steven Burroughs