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What WE Lost - Inside the Attack on Canada’s Largest Children’s Charity

Tawfiq S. Rangwala

Employees First! - Inspire Engage and Focus on the Heart of Your Organization

Donna Cutting

Change for Good - An Action-Oriented Approach for Businesses to Benefit from Solving the World's Most Urgent Social Problems

Paul Klein

Education Work and Family Events in Women's Lives - Long-Term Developments and Recent Trends in East and West Germany

Gwendolin Josephine Blossfeld

The Principles of Scientific Management (Illustrated) - More current Impossible!

Frederick Winslow Taylor

Power Questions - Inspiration for Solutions

Kerstin Hack

Questions for Reflection - Inspiration for thinking things through fully

Kerstin Hack

The Big Book of HR 10th Anniversary Edition

Barbara Mitchell, Cornelia Gamlem

The Richest Man in Babylon

George S. Clason

Secrets of Power Negotiating 25th Anniversary Edition

Roger Dawson

Collective Intelligence at Work - A New Way of Understanding and Managing Organizations to Align People's Well-Being and Driving Business Results

Sergio Vergara Venegas

A History of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - Volume 5 1973–1999

Rod McQueen

The Emergence of Charismatic Business Leadership

Richard S. Tedlow

50 Shades of Leadership - The decisive moments of inspired leadership

Jan Myszkowski

An Introduction to Management Studies - Based on the St Gallen Management Model

Thomas Bieger, Samuel Heer, Simon Kuster, Harald Tuckermann

Marketing Concept - The St Gallen Management Approach

Thomas Bieger

Foundations of management

Juan Antonio Pérez López

No Bullsh!t Leadership

Martin G. Moore

The Peak Performance Formula - Achieving Breakthrough Results in Life and Work

Bob Lesser

Leadership Moments from NASA - Achieving the Impossible

Elizabeth Howell, Dr. Dave Williams

Samurai - The art of leading by serving

Enric Lladó Micheli, Araceli Guillamón

Effective Change Communication

Veit Etzold

Leadership Without Mind Games - How to Win People with Ethics and Decency

Frank Hagenow

Business Venture Secrets


The Simple Path to More Profit: The 3P System - Success Strategies for the Self-Employed and Entrepreneurs People – Process – Presentation

Philip Semmelroth

Nothing Is Too Big to Fail - How the Last Financial Crisis Informs Today

Kerry Killinger, Linda Killinger

The Entrepreneur's Paradox - How to Overcome the 16 Pitfalls Along the Startup Journey

Curtis J. Morley

Boeing 737 - The World's Most Controversial Commercial Jetliner

Graham M. Simons

It's Go Time - Build the Business and Life You Really Want

Jill McAbe

Survive and Thrive - How to Build a Profitable Business in Any Economy (Including This One)

John Meese