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The Richest Man in Babylon

George S. Clason

Play the Game - How to Win in Today’s Changing Environment

Adam Strong + 17 Game-Changing Leaders

The Book of Beautiful Questions - The Powerful Questions That Will Help You Decide Create Connect and Lead

Warren Berger

The Big Book of HR 10th Anniversary Edition

Barbara Mitchell, Cornelia Gamlem

AI as Your Teammate - Electrify Growth Without Increasing Payroll

Evan Ryan

DSO Secrets - The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Dental Empire

Emmet Scott

The Happy Inbox - How to Have a Stress-Free Relationship with Your Email and Overcome Your Communication Clutter

Maura Thomas

Belonging - The Key to Transforming and Maintaining Diversity Inclusion and Equality at Work

Mark Edwards, Kathryn Jacob, Sue Unerman

The Painless Negotiation - Anchor Your Way to a Great Deal … for Everyone

Steve Thompson

Launch with God - How to Build a Business That Matters and Live Out Your God-Given Purpose

Zach Windahl

Secrets of Power Negotiating 25th Anniversary Edition

Roger Dawson

Collective Intelligence at Work - A New Way of Understanding and Managing Organizations to Align People's Well-Being and Driving Business Results

Sergio Vergara Venegas

A History of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - Volume 5 1973–1999

Rod McQueen

Time to Breathe - Navigating Life and Work for Energy Success and Happiness

Bill Mitchell

The Emergence of Charismatic Business Leadership

Richard S. Tedlow

This is Your Moment - Find and Follow Your Unique Path in Life and Your Business

Andy Woodfield

50 Shades of Leadership - The decisive moments of inspired leadership

Jan Myszkowski

An Introduction to Management Studies - Based on the St Gallen Management Model

Thomas Bieger, Samuel Heer, Simon Kuster, Harald Tuckermann

Marketing Concept - The St Gallen Management Approach

Thomas Bieger

Building the In-Company Change Muscle - Intrapreneurship Innovation Transformation & Strategy

Ron Immink

Foundations of management

Juan Antonio Pérez López

Knock It Out of the Park Leadership - The ABC’s of Entrepreneurial Success

Michael D. Hill

No Bullsh!t Leadership

Martin G. Moore

People Economics - Defining and Measuring the True Value of Human Capital

Laura Kellers Queen

The Indic Quotient - Reclaiming Heritage through Cultural Enterprise

Kaninika Mishra

Leadership Moments from NASA - Achieving the Impossible

Elizabeth Howell, Dr. Dave Williams

Samurai - The art of leading by serving

Enric Lladó Micheli, Araceli Guillamón

Effective Change Communication

Veit Etzold

The 100-Year Life - Living and Working in an Age of Longevity

Lynda Gratton, Andrew J. Scott

Leadership Without Mind Games - How to Win People with Ethics and Decency

Frank Hagenow