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The Culture Puzzle - Harnessing the Forces That Drive Your Organization’s Success

Greg Urban, Mario Moussa, Derek Newberry

Effective Change Communication

Veit Etzold

The Loop Approach - How to Transform Your Organization from the Inside Out plus E-Book inside (ePub mobi oder pdf)

Ben Hughes, Sebastian Klein

The AI Marketing Canvas - A Five-Stage Road Map to Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Raj Venkatesan, Jim Lecinski

Leverage Change - 8 Ways to Achieve Faster Easier Better Results

Robert W. Jacobs

Build Your Sales Tribe - Sales in the Information Age

Steve Schrier

The Six New Rules of Business - Creating Real Value in a Changing World  

Judy Samuelson

The Profit Secret - How to sell more at a higher margin

Nick Baldock, Bob Hayward

The Growth Roadmap

Paul O'Dea, Emer O'Donnell

Press Start - Using gamification to power-up your marketing

Daniel Griffin, Albert van der Meer

Shujaa'ah - Bold Leadership for Women of the Middle East

Annabel Harper

Ten Years to Midnight - Four Urgent Global Crises and Their Strategic Solutions

Blair H. Sheppard

Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself - And only you can answer

Mike Jones

Advanced Consulting - Earning Trust at the Highest Level

Bill Pasmore

Ecosystem Edge - Sustaining Competitiveness in the Face of Disruption

Peter J. Williamson, Arnoud De Meyer

Strategic Foresight - Accelerating Technological Change

Sarah Lai-Yin Cheah

Leadership Intelligence - The 5Qs for Thriving as a Leader

Andrew Kakabadse, Ali Qassim Jawad

Strategic Risk Management - New Tools for Competitive Advantage in an Uncertain Age

Paul C. Godfrey, Emanuel Lauria, John Bugalla, Kristina Narvaez

Retail Therapy - Why The Retail Industry Is Broken – And What Can Be Done To Fix It

Mark Pilkington

Cutting the Gordian Knot - India's Quest for Prosperity

Hari Menon, T N Hari

Strategic Execution - Driving Breakthrough Performance in Business

Kenneth J. Carrig, Scott A. Snell

Being You - How to Build Your Personal Brand and Confidence

Maggie Eyre

The Titanic Effect - Successfully Navigating the Uncertainties that Sink Most Startups

Todd Saxton, M. Kim Saxton, Michael Cloran

Building trust in a smart society - Managing in a modular agile and decentralized way

Sander Klous, Nart Wielaard

Summary of Measure What Matters

Speedy SpeedyReads

Human Resources Changes the World - How and Why HR and HR Directors Should Step-Up as Leaders in the 21st Century

Glenn G Jones

The Powers - Ten Factors for Building an Exponentially More Powerful Brand

Tony Wessling, Peter van Aartrijk

Dear CEO - 50 Personal Letters from the World's Leading Business Thinkers


The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution - Real-Time Strategic Planning in a Rapid-Response World

David La Piana

Employee Confidence - The new rules of Engagement

Karen J Hewitt