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Rebellion Rascals and Revenue - Tax Follies and Wisdom through the Ages

Joel Slemrod, Michael Keen

The Dead Pledge - The Origins of the Mortgage Market and Federal Bailouts 1913–1939

Judge Earl Glock

Africa's Last Colonial Currency - The CFA Franc Story

Fanny Pigeaud, Ndongo Samba Sylla

Histories of Racial Capitalism

Justin Leroy, Destin Jenkins

An Infinite History - The Story of a Family in France over Three Centuries

Emma Rothschild

Revolution in Development - Mexico and the Governance of the Global Economy

Christy Thornton

China and the End of Global Silver 1873–1937

Austin Dean

The Fish Lands - German trade with Iceland Shetland and the Faroe Islands in the late 15th and 16th Century

Bart Holterman

The Anarchy - The East India Company Corporate Violence and the Pillage of an Empire

William Dalrymple

Oil Powers - A History of the US-Saudi Alliance

Victor McFarland

Porcelain - A History from the Heart of Europe

Suzanne L. Marchand

Outsourcing Empire - How Company-States Made the Modern World

Andrew Phillips, J C Sharman

Subjective Lives and Economic Transformations in Mongolia - Life in the Gap

Rebecca M. Empson

Revenge Capitalism - The Ghosts of Empire the Demons of Capital and the Settling of Unpayable Debts

Max Haiven

Arts and Minds - How the Royal Society of Arts Changed a Nation

Anton Howes

The Coming of Neo-Feudalism - A Warning to the Global Middle Class

Joel Kotkin

Blood and Money - War Slavery Finance and Empire

David McNally

The Industrialists - How the National Association of Manufacturers Shaped American Capitalism

Jennifer A. Delton

Empires of Vice - The Rise of Opium Prohibition across Southeast Asia

Diana S. Kim

Making Money - The History and Future of Society's Most Important Technology

Peet van Biljon, Alexandra Lajoux

Risk Choice and Uncertainty - Three Centuries of Economic Decision-Making

George G. Szpiro

Handbook of Ancient Afro-Eurasian Economies - Volume 1: Contexts

Sitta Reden

The Global Bourgeoisie - The Rise of the Middle Classes in the Age of Empire

Jürgen Osterhammel, David Motadel, Christof Dejung

Escape from Rome - The Failure of Empire and the Road to Prosperity

Walter Scheidel

After the Crash - Financial Crises and Regulatory Responses

Sharyn O'Halloran, Thomas Groll

Global Development - A Cold War History

Sara Lorenzini

Banking on the State - The Financial Foundations of Lebanon

Hicham Safieddine

Threatening Property - Race Class and Campaigns to Legislate Jim Crow Neighborhoods

Elizabeth A. Herbin-Triant

Banking on Freedom - Black Women in US Finance Before the New Deal

Shennette Garrett-Scott

How America Became Capitalist - Imperial Expansion and the Conquest of the West

James Parisot