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It’s Time to Let America Work Again

Andrew F. Puzder

Revenge Capitalism - The Ghosts of Empire the Demons of Capital and the Settling of Unpayable Debts

Max Haiven

Getting America Back to Work

Andrew F. Puzder

Exchange Rates Growth and Crises

A V Rajwade

The Great Leveler - Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century

Walter Scheidel

Summary Analysis & Review of George Packer’s The Unwinding

. IRB Media

Summary of Makers and Takers - by Rana Foroohar | Includes Analysis

. IRB Media

The Vanishing American Corporation - Navigating the Hazards of a New Economy

Gerald F. Davis

FightBack NOW - Leveraging your assets to shape the new normal

Felix Staeritz, Sven Jungmann

Facing the Crisis - Ethnographies of Work in Italian Industrial Capitalism

Fulvia D’Aloisio, Simone Ghezzi


Mark Blyth, Eric Lonergan

Multihazard Risk Atlas of Maldives: Biodiversity—Volume IV

Asian Development Bank

Multihazard Risk Atlas of Maldives: Economy and Demographics—Volume III

Asian Development Bank

Multihazard Risk Atlas of Maldives: Geography—Volume I

Asian Development Bank

Multihazard Risk Atlas of Maldives: Summary—Volume V

Asian Development Bank

Multihazard Risk Atlas of Maldives: Climate and Geophysical Hazards—Volume II

Asian Development Bank

Africa First! - Igniting a Growth Revolution

Jakkie Cilliers

Subprime Crisis The: Lessons For Business Students - Lessons for Business Students

Jaime Perez Luque

From Greed to Wellbeing - A Buddhist Approach to Resolving Our Economic and Financial Crises

Joel Magnuson

Sublime Finance Super Pack

Nicolas Darvas, Walter Bagehot, Claude C. Hopkins, Walter Lippmann, G. M. Loeb, Irving Fisher, Edward R. Dewey, Edwin F. Dakin, Charles Mackay

How I Made $2000000 in the Stock Market

Nicolas Darvas

Pride and Produce - The Origin Evolution and Survival of the Drowned Lands the Hudson Valley

Cheetah Haysom

The European debt crisis - The Greek case

Costas Simitis