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America's New Destiny in Space

Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Creative Industries in Syria - Changes and Adaptation

Culture Ettijahat-Independent

Grilled - Turning Adversaries into Allies to Change the Chicken Industry

Leah Garcés

After the Gig - How the Sharing Economy Got Hijacked and How to Win It Back

Juliet Schor

Cultural Values in Political Economy

J.P. Singh

The Hidden History of Monopolies - How Big Business Destroyed the American Dream

Thom Hartmann

Exploring Degrowth - A Critical Guide

Vincent Liegey, Anitra Nelson

A Dozen Great Ways to Recruit Disabled People

Jane Hatton

It’s Time to Let America Work Again

Andrew F. Puzder

Ten Years to Midnight - Four Urgent Global Crises and Their Strategic Solutions

Blair H. Sheppard

Water and Energy Engineering for Sustainable Buildings Mihouse Project

Autores Varios

China's Engine of Environmental Collapse

Richard Smith

Oil Powers - A History of the US-Saudi Alliance

Victor McFarland

Dark Finance - Illiquidity and Authoritarianism at the Margins of Europe

Fabio Mattioli

Communist China's War Inside America

Brian T. Kennedy

Porcelain - A History from the Heart of Europe

Suzanne L. Marchand

The Ages of Globalization - Geography Technology and Institutions

Jeffrey D. Sachs

Dying for an iPhone - Apple Foxconn and The Lives of China's Workers

Jenny Chan, Mark Selden, Ngai Pun

Outsourcing Empire - How Company-States Made the Modern World

Andrew Phillips, J C Sharman

Subjective Lives and Economic Transformations in Mongolia - Life in the Gap

Rebecca M. Empson

The Warhol Economy - How Fashion Art and Music Drive New York City - New Edition

Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

Revenge Capitalism - The Ghosts of Empire the Demons of Capital and the Settling of Unpayable Debts

Max Haiven

Climate Change Science - A Primer for Sustainable Development

John C. Mutter

Mobilizing for Development - The Modernization of Rural East Asia

Kristen E. Looney

Black Gold and Blackmail - Oil and Great Power Politics

Rosemary A. Kelanic

Arts and Minds - How the Royal Society of Arts Changed a Nation

Anton Howes

The Deportation Machine - America's Long History of Expelling Immigrants

Adam Goodman

The Coming of Neo-Feudalism - A Warning to the Global Middle Class

Joel Kotkin

How our economy really works - A Radical Reappraisal

Brian Hodgkinson

Skyrocket Your Business at Zero Cost - Make a Difference with Company Growth and Community Development

Dr. Francis N. Mbunya