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The Rootes Group - Humber Hillman Sunbeam Singer Commer Karrier

Richard Loveys

Give and Take - Developmental Foreign Aid and the Pharmaceutical Industry in East Africa

Nitsan Chorev

How to Make Money Installing GPS Trackers for Cars - A Startup Guide for A Profitable GPS Vehicle Tracking Business

A. B. Lawal

Autonomy - The Quest to Build the Driverless Car—And How It Will Reshape Our World

Lawrence D. Burns, Christopher Shulgan

The Future of Packaging - From Linear to Circular

Tom Szaky

Detecting and Modeling the Changes of Land Use and Land Cover for Land Use Planning in Da Nang City Vietnam

Hoang Khanh Linh Nguyen

Make It Right - 5 Steps to Align Your Manufacturing Business from the Frontline to the Bottom Line

Kevin Snook

Shadow Crimes - In the high-stakes world of international fashion beauty can be murder

E. J. Moran

The Handmade Business Revolution - Where & How to Sell Own Crafts Online?

Juha Öörni

A Beginner's Guide to Polyvore - How to Become Famous & Popular on Polyvore

Juha Öörni

Making It - Why Manufacturing Still Matters

Louis Uchitelle

Haier purpose - The real story of China's first global super company

Hu Yong, Hao Yazhou

The UAW and the Heyday of American Liberalism 1945–1968

Kevin Boyle

Unlocking Precision Medicine

Paul Howard, Peter Huber

Contested Tastes - Foie Gras and the Politics of Food

Michaela DeSoucey

Grass-Fed Nation - Getting Back the Food We Deserve

Graham Harvey

Rolls-Royce: The Magic of a Name - The First Forty Years of Britain’s Most Prestigious Company 1904-1944

Peter Pugh

When Glass meets Pharma - Insights about glass as primary packaging material

Dr. Bettine Boltres

Machinery's Handbook Pocket Companion - Quick Access to Basic Data & More from the 31st Edition

Richard Pohanish, Christopher McCauley

Sewn in Coal Country - An Oral History of the Ladies’ Garment Industry in Northeastern Pennsylvania 1945–1995

Robert P. Wolensky

Profit First for Tradies - Transform your business from a cash eating monster to a money making machine

Katie Crismale-Marshall

Cry Me A River: The Tragedy of the Murray-Darling Basin - Quarterly Essay 77

Margaret Simons

Machinery's Handbook Guide - A Guide to Tables Formulas & More in the 31st Edition

Franklin D. Jones, John Milton Amiss, Henry Ryffel

Industrial Maintenance - Maintenance #1

Abdelaziz EL kFITA

Start Programming & Simulating PLC In Your Laptop from Scratch: A No BS No Fluff PLC Programming Volume 1 - Volume #1

Michael Blake, Farouk Idris

Swing Trading: A Beginner's Guide to Highly Profitable Swing Trades - Proven Strategies Trading Tools Rules and Money Management

Mark Lowe

Options Trading: Simplified – Beginner’s Guide to Make Money Trading Options in 7 Days or Less! – Learn the Fundamentals and Profitable Strategies of Options Trading

Mark Lowe

Urban Solid Waste Management in Brazil: Overview Concepts Applications and Prospects

Joaquim Carlos Lourenço

Theory of Constraints

IntroBooks Team

Blacksmithing for Beginners: 20 Secrets Every Novice Should Know Before Starting

Wes Sander