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Inclusive Conversations - Fostering Equity Empathy and Belonging across Differences

Mary-Frances Winters

The Quest for Attention - Nonprofit Advocacy in a Social Media Age

Chao Guo, Gregory D. Saxton

The Art of Leading Successful Online Meetings - 6 steps to engaging meetings that get results

Mette Ullersted

Saving Face - How to Preserve Dignity and Build Trust

Maya Hu-Chan

Agent of Influence - How to Use Spy Skills to Persuade Anyone Sell Anything and Build a Successful Business

Jason Hanson

Coach the Person Not the Problem - A Guide to Using Reflective Inquiry

Marcia Reynolds

Your Stories Don't Define You How You Tell Them Will - Storytelling to Connect Persuade and Entertain

Sarah Elkins

How to Listen and How to Be Heard - Inclusive Conversations at Work

Alissa Carpenter

Breaking the Silence Habit - A Practical Guide to Uncomfortable Conversations in the #MeToo Workplace 

Sarah Beaulieu

Communication Skills Training - 2 in 1: How to Handle Difficult Conversations Improve Your Persuasion Skills And Become a Master at Public Speaking

Shirley Cole

Speechless - What would you say if your life depended on it? A Pocket-Guide to Public Speaking and Effective Communication

Roshan Abbas, Siddharth Banerjee

Successful Integrated Planning For Supply Chain!

Andrei Besedin

Communication in the Workplace - Everything You Need To Know About Effective Communication Strategies At Work To Be A Better Leader

Shirley Cole

Pyjama Profit - The Millennial's Guide to a Sustainable Freelance Career

Varun Mayya, Abhinav Chhikara

Robert's Rules of Order - A comprehensive guide to Robert’s Rules of Order

Robert King

Effective Multicultural Communication In American English

William Drake

Speaking to Influence - Mastering Your Leadership Voice

Laura Sicola

The Marvelous Millennial's Manual To Modern Manners - Professional Success and Happiness with the Help of Business Etiquette

Jessica W. Marventano, Catherine CraneWallace

Blockchain Technology Revolution in Business Explained - Why You Need to Start Investing in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for your Business Right NOW

Bob Mather

The Eight Essential People Skills for Project Management - Solving the Most Common People Problems for Team Leaders

Zachary Wong

Successful Flirting

Julia Valenti

Artificial Intelligence Business Applications - Artificial Intelligence Marketing and Sales Applications

Bob Mather

Negotiations on the Edge - Strategies and tactical steps for difficult negotiations

Matthias Schranner

Is Your Networking Net Working? - The How to Guide for Professionals and Entrepreneurs to Become Their Own Center of Influence

John R Dade

How to Be Great at Your Job - Get things done Get the credit Get ahead

Justin Kerr

The First-Time Manager

Jim McCormick

A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Venture Capitalist - Learn How to Find a Suitable and Reliable Business Venture for Investment

The Non Fiction Author

Without Saying a Word - Master the Science of Body Language and Maximize Your Success

Kasia Wezowski, Patryk Wezowski

The Long-Distance Leader - Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership

Kevin Eikenberry, Wayne Turmel

Listen Up or Lose Out - How to Avoid Miscommunication Improve Relationships and Get More Done Faster

Robert Bolton, Dorothy Grover Bolton