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Retail Therapy - Why The Retail Industry Is Broken – And What Can Be Done To Fix It

Mark Pilkington

Keep Your Customers - How to Stop Customer Turnover Improve Retention and Get Lucrative Long-Term Loyalty

Ali Cudby

Cutting the Gordian Knot - India's Quest for Prosperity

Hari Menon, T N Hari

Waste - Consuming Postwar Japan

Eiko Maruko Siniawer

Envy in Politics

Gwyneth H. McClendon

Marketing to Gen Z - The Rules for Reaching This Vast--and Very Different--Generation of Influencers

Jeff Fromm, Angie Read

Reset - Business and Society in the New Social Landscape

James Rubin, Barie Carmichael

Customer Service Training 101 - Quick and Easy Techniques that Get Great Results

Renee Evenson

Questions that Sell - The Powerful Process for Discovering What Your Customer Really Wants

Paul Cherry

Do Good - Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit

Anne Bahr Thompson

Woo Wow and Win - Service Design Strategy and the Art of Customer Delight

Thomas A. Stewart, Patricia O'Connell

Protest Politics in the Marketplace - Consumer Activism in the Corporate Age

Caroline Heldman

Upside - Profiting from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead

M.J. Moye, Kenneth Gronbach

Empire of Things - How We Became a World of Consumers from the Fifteenth Century to the Twenty-First

Frank Trentmann

The Transformational Consumer - Fuel a Lifelong Love Affair with Your Customers by Helping Them Get Healthier Wealthier and Wiser

Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Secret Sauce - How to Pack Your Messages with Persuasive Punch

Harry Mills

The Power of Fifty Bits - The New Science of Turning Good Intentions into Positive Results

Bob Nease

The Pursuit of Pleasure - Overcoming a Civilizational Challenge

Arsen Dallan, Karlen Ashotovich Dallakyan

What Customers Crave - How to Create Relevant and Memorable Experiences at Every Touchpoint

Nicholas Webb

Disruptive Marketing - What Growth Hackers Data Punks and Other Hybrid Thinkers Can Teach Us About Navigating the New Normal

Geoffrey Colon

The Vanishing American Corporation - Navigating the Hazards of a New Economy

Gerald F. Davis

Beyond the Sales Process - 12 Proven Strategies for a Customer-Driven World

Dave Stein, Steve Andersen

Phishing for Phools - The Economics of Manipulation and Deception

Robert J. Shiller, George A. Akerlof

How to Negotiate Anything - Discover 7 Ways to Become a Better Negotiator and Increase Your Negotiating Skills to the Next Level

ARX Reads

The Content Marketing Playbook - Strategies to Attract the Right Customers

Adella Pasos

Honest to Greatness - How Today's Greatest Leaders Use Brutal Honesty to Achieve Massive Success

Peter Kozodoy

Bounded Rationality

Graham Mallard

How to Day Trade From Home: The Beginners Guide to Trading Psychology and Proven Strategies for Success- 3 Hour Crash Course - 3 Hour Crash Course

Edward Day

Stock Market 101: Investing for Beginners - 3 Hour Crash Course

Edward Day

Help Me Get a Job

Clement Harrison