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Financial Feminism - A Woman's Guide to Investing for a Sustainable Future

Jessica Robinson

Money and Society - A Critical Companion

Axel T. Paul

Making Money - The History and Future of Society's Most Important Technology

Peet van Biljon, Alexandra Lajoux

Fintech Founders - Inspiring Tales from the Entrepreneurs that are Changing Finance

Agustín Rubini

The Story of Silver - How the White Metal Shaped America and the Modern World

William L. Silber

Confronting Inequality - How Societies Can Choose Inclusive Growth

Jonathan D. Ostry, Prakash Loungani, Andrew Baerg

Taming Japan's Deflation - The Debate over Unconventional Monetary Policy

Saori N. Katada, Gene Park, Giacomo Chiozza, Yoshiko Kojo

American Default - The Untold Story of FDR the Supreme Court and the Battle over Gold

Sebastian Edwards

Changing Jobs - The Fair Go in the New Machine Age

Mike Quigley, Jim Chalmers

The Paradox of Risk - Leaving the Monetary Policy Comfort Zone

Ángel Ubide

The Effects and Implications of Kazakhstan’s Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards - A Resource Dependence Perspective

Oksana Kim

Banking's Final Exam - Stress Testing and Bank-Capital Reform

Morris Goldstein

The Right Balance for Banks - Theory and Evidence on Optimal Capital Requirements

William Cline

The Euro and the Battle of Ideas

Harold James, Markus K. Brunnermeier, Jean-Pierre Landau

A Joosr Guide to Other People's Money by John Kay - Masters of the Universe or Servants of the People?


Overcoming Floccinaucinihilipilification - Valuing and Monetizing Products and Services

Jon Manning

Layered Money - From Gold and Dollars to Bitcoin and Central Bank Digital Currencies

Nik Bhatia

Amazon KDP - Step by Step Guide to Publish Your Book on Amazon

Steve Smith

Transformation Of Money - Student Version

Suryaning Bawono, Sebastiana Viphindrartin, Niken Regina Wilantari, Bambang Hadi Prabowo, Budi Sasongko, Edy Priyanto

The European Central Bank

Michael Heine, Hansjorg Herr

Austerity - When is it a mistake and when is it necessary?

John Fender

Affiliate Marketing for beginners - Step by Step Guide to Make Money Online through AmazonClickbank and Affiliate Link

Steve Smith

The Truest and Quickest Code for Debt Management Excellent for People who are Stocked in Multiple Debts

Kam Griffin

Who’s Cashing In? - Contemporary Perspectives on New Monies and Global Cashlessness

Atreyee Sen, Johan Lindquist, Marie Kolling

Quantitative Easing - The Great Central Bank Experiment

Jonathan Ashworth


Mark Blyth, Eric Lonergan

Bitcoin Trading - And The Power It Holds (Day Trading For Beginners) - All You Need To Know About Harnessing the Power of Bitcoin For Beginners

Jerry Ryder

The Currency Cold War: Cash and Cryptography Hash Rates and Hegemony

David Birch

La Guía del Dinero - 2 Libros en 1 - Cómo Administrar tu Dinero y Cómo Invertir tu Dinero

Jaime Venegas

Money Counts - Revisiting Economic Calculation

Sandy Ross, Mario Schmidt