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The Autonomous Revolution - Reclaiming the Future We’ve Sold to Machines  

Michael S. Malone, William H. Davidow

Rediscovering the Islamic Classics - How Editors and Print Culture Transformed an Intellectual Tradition

Ahmed El Shamsy

Become an Author - A Short and Snappy Guide

Thejendra Sreenivas

Not Buying It

Charlotte A. Henry

Worlds of Journalism - Journalistic Cultures Around the Globe

Folker Hanusch, Thomas Hanitzsch, Jyotika Ramaprasad, Arnold de Beer

Truthteller - An Investigative Reporter’s Journey Through the World of Truth Prevention Fake News and Conspiracy Theories

Stephen Davis

WordPress For Writers - Create an Awesome Author Website That Helps You Sell Books

Rachel McCollin

Cornell University Press Est 1869 - Our First 150 Years

Karen M. Laun

Information System Quality Management - A Theoretical Approach

Georgy Isayev

Social Media Entertainment - The New Intersection of Hollywood and Silicon Valley

Stuart Cunningham, David Craig

ActiveCampaign Review - A Tour of my Favorite Email Marketing Automation Platform & How I Use it in My Business (with Comparisons to ConvertKit MailChimp & AWeber)

David Kadavy

Self Publishing Hacks: Practical Suggestions for Practical Authors - Practical Suggestions for Practical Authors

Rusty Ellis

How to Plot Romance Fiction - Keep Your Pants on! How to Outline a Romance Novel when you are an Intuitive Writer

Nina Harrington

The Mirage Peddlers - How to Become an Advertising Guru

Thejendra Sreenivas

Netflix Nations - The Geography of Digital Distribution

Ramon Lobato

Digital China: Working with Bloggers Influencers and KOLs

Ashley Galina Dudarenok, Lauren Hallanan

Power to the Startup People - How To Grow Your Startup Career When You’re Not The Founder

Sarah E. Brown

The Author’s Guide to Working with Book Bloggers - Developed from a survey of 700+ Book Bloggers

Barb Drozdowich

Propaganda Blitz - How the Corporate Media Distort Reality

David Edwards, David Cromwell

The Best Story Wins - How to Leverage Hollywood Storytelling in Business and Beyond

Matthew Luhn

Easy Smashwords Formatting In OpenOffice

Jay Johnson

Silicon States - The Power and Politics of Big Tech

Lucie Greene

There Is No Such Thing As Hate Speech - A Case For Absolute Freedom Of Expression

Ravi Shanker Kapoor

The Future of Tech Is Female - How to Achieve Gender Diversity

Douglas M. Branson

More Than Meets the Eye - Special Effects and the Fantastic Transmedia Franchise

Bob Rehak

How to Write a Book - An 11-Step Process to Build Habits Stop Procrastinating Fuel Self-Motivation Quiet Your Inner Critic Bust Through Writer's Block & Let Your Creative Juices Flow (Short Read)

David Kadavy

How to Learn Microsoft Office Powerpoint Quickly!

Andrei Besedin

Print on Demand—Who to Use to Print Your Books - No Mistakes Publishing Volume IV

Giacomo Giammatteo

Publiseer - Free Book And Music Publishing


Social Media and Selling

Ron Immink