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Cabin Crew Conflict - The British Airways Dispute 2009-11

Philip Taylor, Sian Moore, Robert Byford

Marx at the Arcade - Consoles Controllers and Class Struggle

Jamie Woodcock

Labor Pains - New Deal Fictions of Race Work and Sex in the South

Christin Marie Taylor

City of Workers City of Struggle - How Labor Movements Changed New York

Joshua B. Freeman

A Grander Vision - My Life in the Labour Movement

Sid Ryan

Workers on Arrival - Black Labor in the Making of America

Joe William Trotter

Working for Respect - Community and Conflict at Walmart

Adam Reich, Peter Bearman

Subterranean Fire (Updated Edition) - A History of Working-Class Radicalism in the United States

Sharon Smith

Work in the Age of Robots

Mark P. Mills

Class War USA - Dispatches from Workers’ Struggles in American History

Brandon Weber

Striking to Survive - Workers’ Resistance to Factory Relocations in China

Eli Friedman, Ellen Friedman

Tomatoland Third Edition - From Harvest of Shame to Harvest of Hope

Barry Estabrook

Blue Collar Frayed - Working Men in Tomorrow’s Economy

Jennifer Rayner

The Eclipse of the Utopias of Labor

Anson Rabinbach

On New Terrain - How Capital is Reshaping the Battleground of Class War

Kim Moody

Modern Slavery - A Global Perspective

Siddharth Kara

Maid to Order in Hong Kong - Stories of Migrant Workers Second Edition

Nicole Constable

Struggle or Starve - Working-Class Unity in Belfast's 1932 Outdoor Relief Riots

Seán Mitchell

Whose Detroit? - Politics Labor and Race in a Modern American City

Heather Ann Thompson

Making It - Why Manufacturing Still Matters

Louis Uchitelle

Left Americana

Paul Leblanc

Lessons of October

Leon Trotsky

The UAW and the Heyday of American Liberalism 1945–1968

Kevin Boyle

Inequality and Prosperity - Social Europe vs Liberal America

Jonas Pontusson

A Short History of the US Working Class - From Colonial Times to the Twenty-First Century (Revolutionary Studies)

Paul Leblanc

Song of the Stubborn One Thousand - The Watsonville Canning Strike 1985-87

Peter Shapiro

Whistleblowers - Broken Lives and Organizational Power

C. Fred Alford

The Spirit of Marikana - The Rise of Insurgent Trade Unionism in South Africa

Luke Sinwell, Siphiwe Mbatha

Forging a Laboring Race - The African American Worker in the Progressive Imagination

Paul R.D. Lawrie

Controlling Risk - Thirty Techniques for Operating Excellence

Jim Wetherbee