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Renewable Energy - A Primer for the Twenty-First Century

Bruce Usher

Evolution and Geological Significance of Larger Benthic Foraminifera

Dr Marcelle K. BouDagher-Fadel

Deepwater Deception - The Truth about the Tragic Blowout and Perversion of American Justice

Robert Kaluza

The Fracking Debate - The Risks Benefits and Uncertainties of the Shale Revolution

Daniel Raimi

ESSE 2017 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Environmental Science and Sustainable Energy Edby ZhaoYang Dong

Yong Wang

Crossing the Line - Australia’s Secret History in the Timor Sea

Kim McGrath

Dysfunction - Canada after Keystone XL

Dennis McConaghy

Frackopoly - The Battle for the Future of Energy and the Environment

Wenonah Hauter

Watts in the Desert - Pioneering Solar Farming in Australia's Outback

Lex Fullarton

The Depths of Russia - Oil Power and Culture after Socialism

Douglas Rogers

The Last Drop - The Politics of Water

Mike Gonzalez, Marianella Yanes

Alternative Energy Sources - How to

Owen Jones

Renewable Energy Finance - Funding the Future of Energy

Charles W Donovan

Women of the Durham Coalfield in the 19th Century - Hannah’s Story

Margaret Hedley

Virtual Power - The Future of Energy Flexibility

William Angel

The Economics of Oil and Gas

Xiaoyi Mu

Solar Electricity Basics - Revised and Updated 2nd Edition - Powering Your Home or Office with Solar Energy

Dan Chiras

Lean Six Sigma Management System for Leaders - For Leaders

Luis Socconini, Carlo Reato

Oklahoma Corporation Commission: How to Find Information for Wells on Your Property - Landowner Internet Tutorials Series I #1

Marsha Breazeale

EIB Working Papers 2019 02 - How energy audits promote SMEs' energy efficiency investment

Bank European Investment

Impact Evaluation of Energy Interventions - A Review of the Evidence

David A. Raitzer, Nina Blöndal, Jasmin Sibal

The Economy of the Gulf States

Matthew Gray

The Goldilocks Policy - The Basis for a Grand Energy Bargain

John R Fanchi

How an Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Company Operates

Marsha Breazeale

Principles of Oil and Gas Lease Analysis: Uncommon Clauses - Principles of Oil and Gas Lease Analysis #2

Marsha Breazeale

Integrating Strategic Environmental Assessment into Power Development Planning in Viet Nam

Asian Development Bank

Smart Metering Road Map for Nepal

Asian Development Bank

Oil Power and War - A Dark History

Matthieu Auzanneau

Philippines: Energy Sector Assessment Strategy and Road Map

Asian Development Bank

Resolving Land and Energy Conflicts

Patrick Field, Tushar Kansal, Catherine Morris, Stacie Smith