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Summary Analysis & Review of Brad Stone’s The Everything Store by Instaread

. Instaread

The Complete Guide to Raising Chickens - Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

Tara Layman-Williams

Employee Body Language Revealed - How to Predict Behavior in the Workplace by Reading and Understanding Body Language

Harmony Stalter

How Lean Six Sigma is Helping You Achieve Your Business Goal

Paul Smith

Management Leadership and Operations

Alan S. Gutterman

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Manufacturing Operations Management

Min-Jung Yoo, Rémy Glardon

Impact Evaluation of Development Interventions - A Practical Guide

Howard White, David A. Raitzer

Mining New Gold—Managing Your Business Data - Data Management for Business Owners

Penny, Jeffrey, Gillian Garbus

Which variables of governance can affect the risk of default of family businesses? A cross-country comparison between United Kingdom and Italy - The value of variables of governance and the default index

Olga Maria Stefania Cucaro

Six Sigma In India

Shyamala Nemana

Customer Karma - Why Stop at a One-Night Stand When You Can Have a Lifetime Relationship with Your Customers?

Arjun Sen

The Missing Links - A Demand Driven Supply Chain Detective Novel

Caroline Mondon

Statsnotes: Some Statistics For Management Problems - Some Statistics for Management Problems

Alan Jessop

Think Like a Spy: 12 Basic Facts You Must Know about Espionage

Bryan Keyleader

Summary : The Outsourcing Revolution - Michael Corbett - Why It Makes Sense And How To Do It Right

BusinessNews Publishing

Super7 Operations - The Next Step for Lean in Financial Services

Menno R. Van Dijk MSc

Ecosystem-aware Global Supply Chain Management

N Viswanadham, S Kameshwaran

A Review of Recent Developments in Impact Evaluation

Asian Development Bank

Innovation Tournaments - Creating and Selecting Exceptional Opportunities

Christian Terwiesch, Karl Ulrich