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The Finance Curse - How Global Finance is Making Us All Poorer

Nicholas Shaxson

Effective Multicultural Communication In American English

William Drake

Bankers and Bolsheviks - International Finance and the Russian Revolution

Hassan Malik

The guide to online loans in Nigeria

Rahmon Ojukotola

Intercultural Competencies in China

Peter Kürble, Helena Maria Lischka

Business Guide to the United Kingdom - Brexit Investment and Trade

Jonathan Reuvid

The Language of Global Success - How a Common Tongue Transforms Multinational Organizations

Tsedal Neeley

Beating the Odds - Jump-Starting Developing Countries

Célestin Monga, Justin Yifu Lin

Culture Crossing - Discover the Key to Making Successful Connections in the New Global Era

Michael Landers

A Corporate Solution to Global Poverty - How Multinationals Can Help the Poor and Invigorate Their Own Legitimacy

George Lodge, Craig Wilson

Restless Continent - Wealth Rivalry and Asia's New Geopolitics

Michael Wesley

Rich People Poor Countries - The Rise of Emerging-Market Tycoons and Their Mega Firms

Caroline Freund

The Great Tradeoff - Confronting Moral Conflicts in the Era of Globalization

Steven Weisman

An easy approach to the business plan - The practical guide to the launch of new projects and the entrepreneurial implementation of business ideas

Stefano Calicchio

The Currency Cold War: Cash and Cryptography Hash Rates and Hegemony

David Birch

Brazil's Revolution in Commerce - Creating Consumer Capitalism in the American Century

James P. Woodard

Save Your Ammo: Working Across Cultures for National Security

Louise Rasmussen, Winston Sieck

Upskill - 6 Steps to Unlock Economic Opportunity for All

Christian Scharff, Laurent Probst

Preliminary Overview of the Economies of Latin America and the Caribbean 2018

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

The Peach and the Coconut - A Guide to Collaboration for Global Teams

Scott C. Hammond Ph.D., Danny Damron Ph.D., Christopher Liechty

China Trade and Power: Why the Wests Economic Engagement Has Failed - Why the Wests Economic Engagement Has Failed

Stewart Paterson

The Simple Side Of Strategic Management - Simple Side Of Business Management #3

Jan H Pieterse

Selling to China - A Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Stanley Chao

Level Up With Amazon: 50 Ways to Make Money

Tashema Lindsey

The Language of Cybersecurity

Maria Antonieta Flores

Chinese Firms Going Global - Can They Succeed?

Joseph Healy

How Transformative Innovations Shaped the Rise of Nations - From Ancient Rome to Modern America

Gerard Tellis, Stav Rosenzweig

Japanese Business Culture and Practices - A Guide to Twenty-First Century Japanese Business Protocols

Jon P. Alston, Isao Takei

Preliminary Overview of the Economies of Latin America and the Caribbean 2017

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

Grow Fast Grow Global - 6 steps to unstoppable international growth in the digital age

Sarah Carroll