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Mean Girl - Ayn Rand and the Culture of Greed

Lisa Duggan

Inhuman Power - Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Capitalism

Nick Dyer-Witheford, Atle Mikkola Kjøsen, James Steinhoff

How Wealth Rules the World - Saving Our Communities and Freedoms from the Dictatorship of Property

Ben G. Price

History in Financial Times

Amin Samman

The Wealth of (Some) Nations - Imperialism and the Mechanics of Value Transfer

Zak Cope

How America Became Capitalist - Imperial Expansion and the Conquest of the West

James Parisot

Monitored - Business and Surveillance in a Time of Big Data

Peter Bloom

Taming Japan's Deflation - The Debate over Unconventional Monetary Policy

Saori N. Katada, Gene Park, Giacomo Chiozza, Yoshiko Kojo

Trumping Richer Money Just Never Enough

Dwayne Anderson

Good Governance Gone Bad - How Nordic Adaptability Leads to Excess

Darius Ornston

Politics under the Influence - Vodka and Public Policy in Putin's Russia

Anna L. Bailey

The Venture Capital State - The Silicon Valley Model in East Asia

Robyn Klingler-Vidra

Government Digital - The Quest to Regain Public Trust

Alex Benay

A History of Europe in 6 Projects

European Investment Bank

Discreet Power - How the World Economic Forum Shapes Market Agendas

Christina Garsten, Adrienne Sörbom

Participation without Democracy - Containing Conflict in Southeast Asia

Garry Rodan

Capitalism - The Future of an Illusion

Fred L. Block

An Essay on the Principle of Population


On The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation

David Ricardo

From Miracle to Mirage - The Making and Unmaking of the Korean Middle Class 1960-2015

Myungji Yang

Capital and Time - For a New Critique of Neoliberal Reason

Martijn Konings

Small is Necessary - Shared Living on a Shared Planet

Anitra Nelson

Rare Earth Frontiers - From Terrestrial Subsoils to Lunar Landscapes

Julie Michelle Klinger

The Essence of Mill's Economics: Principles of Political Economy Essays on Some Unsettled Questions of Political Economy Socialism & The Slave Power

John Stuart Mill

Order at the Bazaar - Power and Trade in Central Asia

Regine A. Spector

Reframing Finance - New Models of Long-Term Investment Management

Ashby Monk, Rajiv Sharma, Duncan L. Sinclair

Circles of Compensation - Economic Growth and the Globalization of Japan

Kent E. Calder

The Price of Prosperity - Why Rich Nations Fail and How to Renew Them

Todd G. Buchholz

Shapeholders - Business Success in the Age of Activism

Mark Kennedy

The Political Economy of Poverty and Social Transformations of the Global South

Mariano Féliz, Aaron Louis Rosenberg