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Alexa is Stealing Your Job - The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Your Future

Rhonda Scharf

Lessons in Leadership - 12 Key Concepts

John Adair

Weird Things

Deon Mcadoo

Networking for People Who Hate Networking Second Edition - A Field Guide for Introverts the Overwhelmed and the Underconnected

Devora Zack

From Sabotage to Support - A New Vision for Feminist Solidarity in the Workplace

Joy L. Wiggins, Kami J. Anderson

Breathe To Succeed - Increase Workplace Productivity Creativity and Clarity through the Power of Mindfulness

Sandy Abrams

Turn Enemies Into Allies - The Art of Peace in the Workplace (Conflict Resolution for Leaders Managers and Anyone Stuck in the Middle)

Judy Ringer

Dig Your Heels In - Navigate Corporate BS and Build the Company You Deserve

Joan Kuhl

Vitalize Your Workforce - Conquering the Crisis of Employee Stagnation

Margot Murphy

Hustle and Gig - Struggling and Surviving in the Sharing Economy

Alexandrea J. Ravenelle

The Business of Sleep - How Sleeping Better Can Transform Your Career

Vicki Culpin

Win the Heart - How to Create a Culture of Full Engagement

Mark Miller

Hustle and Float - Reclaim Your Creativity and Thrive in a World Obsessed with Work

Rahaf Harfoush

True North Business - A Leader’s Guide to Extraordinary Growth and Impact

Bobby Albert

The Critical Few - Energize Your Company’s Culture by Choosing What Really Matters

James Thomas, Jon R. Katzenbach, Gretchen Anderson

Success without the Stress - How to Handle the Pressures and Challenges of Working for Yourself

Maureen O'Callaghan

Heading Home - Motherhood Work and the Failed Promise of Equality

Shani Orgad

Be a Project Motivator - Unlock the Secrets of Strengths-Based Project Management

Ruth Pearce

Astrology in the Workplace - The Zodiac Guide to Creating Great Working Relationships

Penny Thornton

Safe Enough to Soar - Accelerating Trust Inclusion & Collaboration in the Workplace

Frederick A. Miller, Judith H. Katz

How to Be Successful without Hurting Men's Feelings - Non-threatening Leadership Strategies for Women

Sarah Cooper

Uberland - How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Rules of Work

Alex Rosenblat

Erasing Institutional Bias - How to Create Systemic Change for Organizational Inclusion

Tiffany Jana, Ashley Diaz Mejias

Turning People into Teams - Rituals and Routines That Redesign How We Work

David Sherwin, Mary Sherwin

Take Pride: How to Build Organisational Success Through People - How to Build Organisational Success Through People

Sheila Parry

The Powers - Ten Factors for Building an Exponentially More Powerful Brand

Tony Wessling, Peter van Aartrijk

Shift the Work - The Revolutionary Science of Moving From Apathetic to All in Using Your Head Heart and Gut

Joe Mechlinski

Get a Job! - Powerful Tips and Tools to Ace Any Interview

Ron Fry


John Grant

101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions

Ron Fry