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Starting a Business in Ireland 7e - A Guide & Directory

Brian O'Kane

The Principles of an Unstoppable Family-Business - How Successful Family Businesses Think and Grow

Bryan Dodge, David Williams

The Irresistible Consultant's Guide to Winning Clients - 6 Steps to Unlimited Clients & Financial Freedom

David A. Fields

Your Business is a Leaky Bucket - Learn How to Avoid Losing Millions in Revenue and Profit Annually

Howard Shore

A Joosr Guide to Agile Talent by Jon Younger and Norm Smallwood - How to Source and Manage Outside Experts


Humble Consulting - How to Provide Real Help Faster

Edgar H. Schein

MORE: How You Can Get More Clients More Fees and More Time - For All Professional Service Providers: Accountants Solicitors Coaches Consultants and Service Contractors

Paul Davies

Mote : The Super Meeting - The Super Meeting

David Wethey

The Thought Leadership Manual - How to grab your clients’ attention with powerful ideas

Tim Prizeman

The Highly Paid Expert - Turn Your Passion Skills and Talents Into A Lucrative Career by Becoming The Go-To Authority In Your Industry

Debbie Allen

40 Unbreakable Laws of Money - Laws for Business Success and Life

Wayne Wakefield

If I Had A Water Buffalo - How To Microfinance Sustainable Futures

Marilyn A. Fitzgerald

Five Frogs on a Log - A CEO's Field Guide to Accelerating the Transition in Mergers Acquisitions And Gut Wrenching Change

Mark L. Feldman, Michael F. Spratt

Irish Case Studies in Entrepreneurship

Cecilia Hegarty

How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Consulting Business

Kristie Lorette

Consulting Demons - Inside the Unscrupulous World of Global Corporate Consulting

Lewis Pinault

Neal Whitten's Let's Talk! More No-Nonsense Advice for Project Success

Neal Whitten

Consulting Mastery - How the Best Make the Biggest Difference

Keith Merron

Declutter your finance

mark j. cooper

Small Business Ideas

mark j. cooper

Impact of E-Commerce On Supply Chain Management

Mayank Aror

Make Money Online With Photography and Videography

Samuel Micheal

Innovating Innovation - Leadership Tools to Make Revolutionary Change Happen for You and Your Business

David Morey

Hidden Secrets to Land Your Dream Job


How to Make Money as a Business Consultant: 25 Invaluable Ideas

Hope Etim

Writing Your Own Book

Na'im Muhammad

How to earn a billion or the intellectual capital of an entrepreneur

Andrey Yu Gribov

The Entrepreneur Breakthrough Mindset

Andy Jenkin

Pathways for Development Communicators

Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku

Mobile Banking Security