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The Secret Temple - Masons Mysteries and the Founding of America

Peter Levenda

Tales from Albarado - Ponzi Logics of Accumulation in Postsocialist Albania

Smoki Musaraj

More Than a Diagnosis - Stories of Hurdles Hope and Possibility from Parents of Children Who Are Differently-Abled

Jessica Burdg


William Sutcliffe

Dear People with Love and Care Your Doctors - Heartfelt Stories about Doctor-Patient Relationship

Debraj Shome, Aparna Govil

#QUALIFIED - You Are More Impressive Than You Realize

Amanda Nachman

Grit Factor - 15 Attributes to Doing Life Better

Logan Stout

Burnout to Breakthrough - Building Resilience to Refuel Recharge and Reclaim What Matters

Eileen McDargh

Be Still

Sarah Cray

Potentialize - Book 4 in the Limitless Life Transformation System - Build a Million Dollar Plan with Unstoppable Mental Toughness

Nikolas Elliot

The Voice of the Four Elements

Alba Maria

Vitalize - Book 2 in the Limitless Life Transformation System - How to Achieve Unconditional Self-Love & Unstoppable Motivation

Nikolas Elliot

Systematize - Book 3 in the Limitless Life Transformation System - How to Drive Massive Results with World Class Habits & Laser Focus

Nikolas Elliot

Actualize - Book 1 in the Limitless Life Transformation System - How to Destroy Victim Mentality & Claim Your Personal Power

Nikolas Elliot

Hoodoo Cleansing and Protection Magic - Banish Negative Energy and Ward Off Unpleasant People

Miss Aida

Why We Love Dogs Eat Pigs and Wear Cows - An Introduction to Carnism 10th Anniversary Edition

Melanie Joy

Finding Peace at the End of Life - A Death Doula's Guide for Families and Caregivers

Henry Fersko-Weiss

Spellcrafting - A Beginner's Guide to Creating and Casting Effective Spells

Gerina Dunwich

The Magic of Inner Silence - How to Connect With Nature and Rediscover Your Joy of Life

Brigitte Novalis

52 Ways to Stay in Love Always

Lynn Gordon


William Sutcliffe

The Everyday Leader - How to Motivate Empower and Influence Those Around You

John Cross, Rafael Gomez, Kevin Money

Your Stories Don't Define You How You Tell Them Will - Storytelling to Connect Persuade and Entertain

Sarah Elkins

Now Living the Dream - A Tale of Surviving Cancer

Dr Daksha Trivedi

From Despair to Millionaire - Growing Beyond Hardship

Eric Chasen

Massage Therapist Success Mindset - Success Principles for the Massage Therapist Entrepreneur

Richard J. Platt

Made Possible - Stories of success by people with learning disabilities – in their own words

Saba Salman

The Toé Datura Diaries - A Shamanic Apprenticeship in the Heart of the Amazon Jungle

Javier Regueiro

Finding More Me - Journaling to Go Soul Deep

Donna Bearden

The Secrets to What Men Really Want

Lisa Palmer