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Explore and Discover Your Purpose - 6 Steps to Uncover Your Dream Career

Marlo Andersen

Believe in Yourself

Joseph Murphy

The Extraordinary Man - Reconnect to Your Masculine Power To Achieve Purpose Freedom & Wealth

Arthur Magoulianiti

The Power of Positive Thinking

Norman Vincent Peale

The Money Formula - Change Your Relationship to Money in Seven Steps & Fifteen Minutes or Less

Leslie Juvin-Acker

Unfu*k Yourself - Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life

Gary John Bishop

Make Yourself Great Again - Complete Collection - An Introduction to Mindset Stacking(TM) Techniques

Robert C. Worstell

Dancing at the Fountain: In Conversation with World-leading Hoteliers

Conor Kenny

A Joosr Guide to… The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters - The Mind Management Program to Help You Achieve Success Confidence and Happiness


A Joosr Guide to The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss - Escape the 9-5 Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich


Do I Need a Divorce to Be Happy? - Break Free from Codependency

Teri Grayner

Secrets of the Zen Business Warrior - 7 Steps to Grow Your Business Feel Excited and Stay Motivated AGAIN

Lina Betancur

The GR Factor

Jack R. Nerad

Your Rebel Life - How to transform the ten most important pillars of your life

Tikiri Herath

The Great Within

Christian D. Larson

Go Fund Yourself - What Money Means in the 21st Century How to be Good at it and Live Your Best Life

Alice Tapper

From Invisible to Visible - Master the Art of Being Seen

Rhonda Kaalund

Lifestyle Builders - Build Your Business Quit Your Job And Live Your Ideal Lifestyle

Tom Sylvester, Ariana Sylvester

Lessons in Leadership - 12 Key Concepts

John Adair

Real Success - Feel Accomplished and Find Fulfillment in the Modern World

Michelle Zawaski

Positive Thinking - The Secrets To Improve Your Happiness Mindset Relationships and Start Living Life Now!

Kellie Sullivan

Outside Influences - Catalytic Concepts for Understanding How Life Really Works

Adam Ginsberg

The Theory of 5

Chris Saraceno, David Falkirk Davis

Sankalpa - How to Understand and Manifest your Innermost Desires

Andreas Ziörjen

choose Love - The Choice that Unlocks Lasting Success and Happiness

Darwin Stephenson

Saying Yes to Myself - Accepting and Treating Myself Well

Kerstin Hack

Your Insiders’ Guide to Retirement - The Practical Guide to Transitioning from Working to Retirement

CFP Daum, CFP Tudor, Jeff Poole

The Possibility Mom - How to be a Great Mom and Pursue Your Dreams at the Same Time

Lisa Canning

Apples for the Mind - Creating Emotional Balance Peak Performance & Lifelong Wellbeing

Tom Nehmy

Answering the Call of Your Creative Warrior - A Practical Guide for Navigating Your Road to Success

Seth B. Greenwald