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The Magic That is Life

Jessica Higgins

Key To Life

Steven Windle

Unsolved Mysteries of World War II - From the Nazi Ghost Train and ‘Tokyo Rose’ to the day Los Angeles was attacked by Phantom Fighters

Michael Fitzgerald

Believe in Yourself - Positive Quotes and Affirmations for a More Confident You

Summersdale Publishers

The Shape of Things to Come - Exploring the Future of the Human Body

Druin Burch

Go Fund Yourself - What Money Means in the 21st Century How to be Good at it and Live Your Best Life

Alice Tapper

How to Age Joyfully - Eight Steps to a Happier Fuller Life

Maggy Pigott

MIDPOINT - Manhood Midlife and Prostate Cancer

James A. Hill

High Yoga - Enhance Yoga with Cannabis and CBD Treatments for Relaxation Healing and Bliss

Darren Zeer

From Invisible to Visible - Master the Art of Being Seen

Rhonda Kaalund

Late Migrations - A Natural History of Love and Loss

Margaret Renkl

Sparks of Phoenix

Najwa Zebian

Pillow Thoughts

Courtney Peppernell


Gabriela Mueller Mendoza

100 Truths You Will Learn Too Late

Luca Dellanna

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho

Not Speaking

Norma Clarke

The Little Book of Meditations - A Beginner's Guide to Finding Inner Peace

Gilly Pickup

The Parrot's Perch - A Memoir

Karen Keilt

Saturday's Child - A Daughter's Memoir

Deborah Burns

All We Need To Know - A Family in Time

Hugh Crago

Born to Shine - Practical Tools to Help You SHINE Even in Life’s Darkest Moments

Ashley LeMieux

C is for Conquer - Dealing with Cancer and still Embracing Life

Bobbi Lynn Sudberry

Unlock the Zodiac - Discover Why You're Not Like Anyone Else with Your Sun Sign

Sasha Fenton

Being Mean - A Memoir of Sexual Abuse and Survival

Patricia Eagle

She Felt Like Feeling Nothing

r.h. Sin

Mind Platter

Najwa Zebian

Earth Emotions - New Words for a New World

Glenn A. Albrecht

Poppy's Pride

T. R. Montaine

Kill Fear Before Fear Kills You - Discover the courage within you

J.P. Vaswani