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The Daily Face - 25 Makeup Looks for Day Night and Everything In Between!

Annamarie Tendler

The Face of the Business - Develop Your Signature Style Step Out from Behind the Curtain and Catapult Your Business on Video

Rachel Nachmias

The Fab Mom's Guide - How to Get Over the Bump & Bounce Back Fast After Baby

Jill Simonian

Minding Mum – It’s Time to Take Care of You - A New Mum’s Guide to Feeling Great Inside and Out

Alison Canavan

The Celebrity Playbook - The Insider’s Guide to Living Like a Star

Leslie Gornstein

All's Fair in Love and Wardrobe - A Fashion Editor’s Rules on Shopping for Love

Stephanie Simons

50 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Lauren Friedman

You Can Wear It Again - A Celebration of Bridesmaids' Dresses

Meg Mateo Ilasco

Confidence: 25 Amazing Tricks To Conquer Insecurities Eliminate Fears And Have Incredible Confidence

Simon Cameron Zeus

Makeup Matters - Secrets Of Femmes Fatales #4

Sahara S. Sanders

Hygge: A Real Dane’s Explanation of How to Live the Simple and Amazing Hygge Lifestyle and Find Happiness - Hygge #1

Jens Borgg

Where’s My Product? Beauty industry secrets to help you find your favorite cosmetics hair and skin care products when they’re no longer in the store

Karleen Tauszik

Hair Secrets - Avoid Bad Hair Days Forever - The Answers to all your Questions from a Hairstylist

Karina Marie Chapman

Beauty And Wellness

Victoria Ekanem

La Bella Figura

Kristi Belle

The Perfect Plus Size Fit

Virtual Store USA

Bodyshape Intelligence for Busy Professional Women

Areta Nwosu

Twist Me Pretty Braids - 45 Step-by-Step Tutorials for Beautiful Everyday Hairstyles

Abby Smith

Speak our Language

Tamera Czarnowski

Baldies - A Field Guide to the Northern Hemisphere

Fernando L. Perottoni

Become a Sexy Bombshell

G. Ninki

Towers of the Earth

Ardath Mayhar

The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness

Cecil B Hartley

Manly Manners - Lifestyle & Modern Etiquette for the Young Man of the 21St Century

Wayne James

Look Stunning: A Practical Guide About How To Be Beautiful - Secrets Of Femmes Fatales #6

Sahara S. Sanders

The Grace Factor - Makeup techniques for the woman over 50

Deborah Williams

Freehand Fashion - Learn to sew the perfect wardrobe - no patterns required!

Chinelo Bally

He Loves Your Style - Secrets Of Femmes Fatales #2

Sahara S. Sanders

Get It! - A Beauty Style and Wellness Guide to Getting Your “It” Together

Jacqueline Laurita, Jené Luciani

Style Me Vintage: 1940s - A practical and inspirational guide to the hair make-up and fashions of the 40s

Liz Tregenza