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Tolkien For Beginners

Louis Markos

Mixed Up - Confessions of an Interracial Couple

Tineka Smith, Alex Court

Going Under - Kidnapping Murder and a Life Undercover

John Madinger

The Misfit

Steven Poser

The Education of Man - Aphorisms

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

Me & Issy - A Four Seasons Romance

Rosalie Wise Sharp

The Magnificent Mitscher

Theodore Taylor

Now I Am Known - How a Street Kid Turned Foster Dad Found Acceptance and True Worth

Peter Mutabazi

The Flight of Jesse Leroy Brown

Theodore Taylor

Marlene Dietrich's ABC's

Marlene Dietrich


Marlene Dietrich

The Last Jewish Gangster: The Middle Years

David Larson

A Storm in the Stars

Don Zancanella

Blooms & Dreams - Cultivating Wellness Generosity & a Connection to the Land

Misha Gillingham

Richard Neutra Encounters with Latin America

Catherine R. Ettinger

Ten Years Hard Labour

Chris Williamson

Kahlil Gibran: The Nature of Love

Andrew Dib Sherfan

Kahlil Gibran: A Biography

Mikhail Naimy

Operation Relentless - An SAS Veteran's Hunt for the World's Most Wanted Man—Russian Fugitive "The Lord of War"

Damien Lewis

The Tuskegee Strangler - The Nicest Serial Killer They Ever Met

Linda Lou Long

Things that just make sense in a bomb shelter

Valeria Shashenok, @VALERISSSH

Diary and Observations of Thomas Alva Edison

Dagobert D. Runes

Days on the Road: Crossing the Plains in 1865

Sarah Raymond Herndon

Life and Marvelous Adventures of Wild Bill - A True and Exact History of All the Combats and Escapes of the Most Famous Scout and Spy

J. W. Buel

By Ox Team to California - A Narrative of Crossing the Plains in 1860

Lavinia Honeyman Porter

The Border Outlaws - An Authentic and Thrilling History of Jesse and Frank James

J. W. Buel

Nine Years Among the Indians: 1870-1879 - The Story of the Captivity and Life of a Texan Among the Indians

Herman Lehmann

Life in the Confederate Army - Observations and Experiences of a Foreigner in the South During the American Civil War

William Watson

Literary exchange during lockdown in 2020 - international literary pen pals in the birth year of covid-19

Sergej Harlamov, Maja Klarić, Aljaž Koprivnikar, Lloyd Markham, Dino Pešut, Kaja Teržan, Aljoša Toplak, Thomas Tsalapatis, Eluned Gramich, Katja Zakrajšek, Polona Glavan

Some Sort of Epic Grandeur - The Life of F Scott Fitzgerald

Matthew J. Bruccoli