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The Hitman - The Rohit Sharma Story

Vijay Lokapally, G. Krishnan

Vasyl Stus: Life in Creativity

Dmytro Stus

Dolly Parton - In Her Own Words

Suzanne Sonnier

Naked in the Promised Land - A Memoir

Lillian Faderman

Reaching for Fireflies - Decisions That Extended My Grasp

Ed Tar

Paradise Surrendered: Java 1942 - Prisoners of War of the Japanese

Frank Williams

The Amazing Story of Alexander Glasberg

Nick Lampert

Even the Sidewalk Could Tell - How I Came Out to My Wife My Three Children and the World

Alon Ozery

Reason to Believe - The Controversial Life of Rabbi Louis Jacobs

Harry Freedman

Out of Thin Air - Running Wisdom and Magic from Above the Clouds in Ethiopia

Michael Crawley

My Name is Not Wigs! - Or the day I thought PAVAROTTI was a stagehand

Angela Cobbin

The Heath - My Year on Hampstead Heath

Hunter Davies

I didn´t ask to be gold - Victory through Faith in the Furnace of Affliction

Patricia Adrianzén de Vergara

Kiss Myself Goodbye - The Many Lives of Aunt Munca

Ferdinand Mount

Johannes Kepler - Life and Letters

Carola Baumgardt

A Loss: The Story of a Dead Soldier Told by His Sister

Olesya Khromeychuk

Once a Bitcoin Miner - Scandal and Turmoil in the Cryptocurrency Wild West

Ethan Lou

Why Dante Matters - An Intelligent Person's Guide

John Took

Hartley's Horse

F R J Wildblood

Approaching Autistic Adulthood - The Road Less Travelled

Grace Liu

The Light Streamed Beneath It - A Memoir of Grief and Celebration

Shawn Hitchins

A Helluva Life in Hockey - A Memoir

Brian McFarlane

Expat Wife Happy Life! - The journey of a serial expat

Florence Reisch-Gentinetta

Blinger - An Entrepreneur's Faith-Based Journey

Angie Cella

Klondikers - Dawson City’s Stanley Cup Challenge and How a Nation Fell in Love with Hockey

Tim Falconer

Jessie's Diary

Jessie Whitmore

Just Keep Swimming - A story of hope against anorexia

Stephanie Shott

The Flight of 'The Arctic Fox' - The true story of all those on board flight BE142 who died in a tragic mid-air collision over Italy

Rory O'Grady

My First Thirty Years - A Memoir

Gertrude Beasley

The Healing Power of Singing - Raise Your Voice Change Your Life (What Touring with David Bowie Single Parenting and Ditching the Music Business Taught Me in 25 Easy Steps)

Emm Gryner