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The Art and Humor of John Trever - Fifty Years of Political Cartooning

John Trever

Crossing Borders - My Journey in Music

Max Baca

Sew on the Go - A Maker's Journey

Mary Jane Baxter

Don't Say a Word - A Daughter's Two Cents

Elizabeth Roper Marcus

Education in Black and White - Myles Horton and the Highlander Center's Vision for Social Justice

Stephen Preskill

World as Family - A Journey of Multi-Rooted Belongings

Vishakha N. Desai

Twice a Daughter - A Search for Identity Family and Belonging

Julie Ryan McGue

DeRo - My Life

Dwayne De Rosario

Captain WF Drannan – Chief of Scouts - Autobiography

William F. Drannan

The Life & Legacy of William F Drannan - The Adventures in the Far West: 31 Years on the Plains and in the Mountains & Chief of Scouts

William F. Drannan

An Apache Campaign In The Sierra Madre

John Gregory Bourke

An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill

William Frederick Cody "Buffalo Bill"

On The Border With Crook

John Gregory Bourke

Famous Frontiersmen and Heroes of the Border - Their Adventurous Lives and Stirring Experiences in Pioneer Days

Charles Haven Ladd Johnston

Life of a Pioneer: The Autobiography of James S Brown

James S. Brown

31 Years on the Plains and in the Mountains - An Authentic Record of a Life Time of Hunting Trapping Scouting and Fighting in the Far West

William F. Drannan

The Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life

Francis Parkman

Last of the Great Scouts: The Life Story of William F Cody - "Buffalo Bill"

Helen Cody Wetmore

The Hour of Fate - Theodore Roosevelt JP Morgan and the Battle to Transform American Capitalism

Susan Berfield

The Field House - A Writer's Life Lost and Found on an Island in Maine

Robin Clifford  Wood

Far Away from Close to Home - Essays

Vanessa Baden Kelly

Gone the Hard Road - A Memoir

Lee Martin

The Girl in the Red Boots - Making Peace with My Mother

PhD Rabinor

Committed - A Memoir of Madness in the Family

Paolina Milana

Living I Was Your Plague - Martin Luther's World and Legacy

Lyndal Roper

The Willow Wren - A Novel

Philipp Schott

Outrageous Misfits - Female Impersonator Craig Russell and His Wife Lori Russell Eadie

Brian Bradley

Be Straight with Me

Emily Dalton

Joan Crawford - The Last Word

Fred Lawrence Guiles

The Rider

Tim Krabbé