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Momoir - A New Mom's Journey to Embracing Her Not-So-Perfect Motherhood

Alyssa DeRose

Friedrich Nietzsche: A Psychological Approach to His Life and Work

Liliane Frey-Rohn

Meetings with Jung: Conversations Recorded During the Years 1946-1961

E.A. Bennet

Journeys with Jimmy Carter and other Adventures in Media

Barry Jagoda

Nelson's Arctic Voyage - The Royal Navy’s first polar expedition 1773

Peter Goodwin

The Apology

Eve Ensler

Sacred Duty - A Soldier's Tour at Arlington National Cemetery

Tom Cotton

Comedy Sex God

Pete Holmes

The Golden Boy of Crime - The Almost Certainly True Story of Norman "Red" Ryan

Jim Brown

The Deer Camp - A Memoir of a Father a Family and the Land that Healed Them

Dean Kuipers

Broth from the Cauldron - A Wisdom Journey through Everyday Magic

Cerridwen Fallingstar

Einstein on Einstein - Autobiographical and Scientific Reflections

Hanoch Gutfreund, Jürgen Renn

Finding Venerable Mother - A Daughter’s Spiritual Quest to Thailand

Cindy Rasicot

Saving Sara - A Memoir of Food Addiction

Sara  Somers

Braver Than You Think - Around the World on the Trip of My (Mother’s) Lifetime

Maggie Downs

The Shapeless Unease - A Year of Not Sleeping

Samantha Harvey

On Lighthouses

Jazmina Barrera

Anthem: Rush in the ’70s

Martin Popoff

Amstinderdam - Online Dating in Amsterdam


The Mysterious Disappearance of the Wondering Mind - He Risked His Life for Freedom and Discovered the Shaman within

Torsten E. Klimmer

Lone Operator - How to Survive & Thrive in the Modern Age

Joseph N. Teti

Swami Vivekananda - The Journey of a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Rakesh Tripathi

Stone Motel - Memoirs of a Cajun Boy

Morris Ardoin

The Unexpected Guest - How a Homeless Man from the Streets of LA Redefined Our Home

Michael Konik

German Jew Muslim Gay - The Life and Times of Hugo Marcus

Marc David Baer

This Is God's Table - Finding Church Beyond the Walls

Anna Woofenden

That Further Shore - A Memoir of Irish Roots and American Promise

John D. Feerick

The Point is to Change the World - Selected Writings of Andaiye


The Eighth Wonder of the World - The True Story of André the Giant

Bertrand Hébert, Pat Laprade

Dark History of the American Presidents

Michael Kerrigan