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Mamaskatch - A Cree Coming of Age


The Skin Is the Elastic Covering that Encases the Entire Body

Bjorn Rasmussen

Learning to Drive

William Norwich

Time Is the Thing a Body Moves Through

T Fleischmann

Cruising - An Intimate History of a Radical Pastime

Alex Espinoza

All We Knew But Couldn't Say

Joanne Vannicola

Quaint Exquisite - Victorian Aesthetics and the Idea of Japan

Grace Lavery

Nirvana Is Here - A Novel

Aaron Hamburger


Cyrus Parker

Mad Long Emotion

Ben Ladouceur

Nonbinary - Memoirs of Gender and Identity

Micah Rajunov, A. Scott Duane

Stella Maris - And Other Key West Stories

Michael Carroll

In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive

Clementine von Radics

Understanding Randall Kenan

James A. Crank

The boy who wanted to wear a dress

Kelsy Quiroz Sánchez

The Woman in Black

Erik Tarloff

The Necessary Hunger - A Novel

Nina Revoyr

Shadow Puppet - A Dan Sharp Mystery

Jeffrey Round

Soar Adam Soar

Rick Prashaw

De Profundis

Oscar Wilde

We Make It Better - The LGBTQ Community and Their Positive Contributions to Society

Eric Rosswood, Kathleen Archambeau

Understanding Jim Grimsley

David Deutsch

The Early Novels - Taking Care of Mrs Carroll The Gold Diggers The Long Shot and Lightfall

Paul Monette

Afro-Fabulations - The Queer Drama of Black Life

Tavia Nyong'o

A Matter of Oaths

Helen S. Wright

The Collected Novels Volume Two - The Missing Person The Magician's Girl and The Book of Knowledge

Doris Grumbach

The Poetry of May Sarton Volume One - Letters from Maine Inner Landscape and Halfway to Silence

May Sarton

The Poetry of May Sarton Volume Two - A Durable Fire A Grain of Mustard Seed and A Private Mythology

May Sarton

Sugar Land

Tammy Lynne Stoner

The Collected Novels Volume One - Desert of the Heart The Young in One Another's Arms and This Is Not for You

Jane Rule