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The Letters of James Schuyler to Frank O'Hara

James Schuyler

Bertram Cope's Year

Henry Blake Fuller

1862 - A Civil War Love Story

James Marquis

Thrown in the Throat

Benjamin Garcia

Iatrogenesis - The Nanodoc Pandemic

Victor Calland

Pillow Thoughts IV - Stitching the Soul

Courtney Peppernell

Wild Wales - Passport to Love Romance

Patricia Evans Cox

If You Kiss Me Like That

Harper Bliss

French Kissing Series Box Set: Seasons 1-5

Harper Bliss

The Gay Icon Classics of the World - Revised Edition

Robert Joseph Greene


Charles Atkins

The Scottish Boy

Alex de Campi

[Sweet-n-Bitter] - Danger!

Theodore Raymond Riddle

The Book of Pride - LGBTQ Heroes Who Changed the World

Mason Funk


Anna Dorn

Be Straight with Me

Emily Dalton

You Will Be Safe Here

Damian Barr

Death of a Mermaid - a page-turning and evocative thriller set on the coast

Lesley Thomson

German Jew Muslim Gay - The Life and Times of Hugo Marcus

Marc David Baer

Once a Girl Always a Boy - A Family Memoir of a Transgender Journey

Jo Ivester

Jovon Joseph: The Truth Behind It All

Jovon Joseph

Cuban Son Rising

Charles Gomez

Two Hearts Trilogy

Harper Bliss

Stone Motel - Memoirs of a Cajun Boy

Morris Ardoin

Selected Poems

Emily Dickinson

Two Hearts Forever

Harper Bliss

Next in Line for Love

Harper Bliss

Two Hearts Together

Harper Bliss

The Priory of the Orange Tree

Samantha Shannon

The Wanting Life

Mark Rader