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Domestic animals & pets

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Gerbil: The star of the rodents - Compact guidebook about the Mongolian gerbil Keeping care and feeding to keep species-appropriate gerbils

Thorsten Hawk

Keeping Greek Tortoise Properly - Pet guide about species-appropriate feeding keeping care and hibernation for Sulcata Tortoise

Thorsten Hawk

Clicker Training For Cats - Successfully train cats with Cat Clicker Training Book for a gentle cat education

Thorsten Hawk

Proper Quail Guide for Beginners - 1x1 Guide to Quail Keeping and Breeding Japanese Laying Quail Perfect Quail Raising A wonderful Poultry Breeds

Thorsten Hawk

Axolotl for beginners - 1x1 guide for species-appropriate keeping care and feeding in the aquarium incl interesting facts

Thorsten Hawk

Successful rabbit training in a few weeks - How does the rabbit clicker training work? A rabbit guide book

Thorsten Hawk

Aquarium Maintenance Made Simple

Jim Stephens

Guinea Pig Guide - Around attitude food nutrition taming and diseases

Thorsten Hawk

My trusting hamster - The species-appropriate 1x1 guidebook for keeping and care

Thorsten Hawk

Successfully tame budgies within a few weeks - How does clicker training birds with budgerigars work? A step-by-step guide for budgies taming and parakeet training

Thorsten Hawk

Happy raising chickens in your backyard for beginners - How to raising chickens for eggs in your own garden 1x1 about feed equipment costs and care

Thorsten Hawk

How to Successful Train Your Dog in 7days - Even If You Have No Dog Training Skills

Clarissa Valdez

Puppy Training - The Beginner's Guide to Training a Puppy with Dog Training Basics: Includes Potty Training for Puppy and The Art of Raising a Puppy with Positive Puppy Training

Corinne Elliott

Niels Lyhne

Jens Peter Jacobsen

Master Dog Training - A Complete Guide on How to Train Your Best Puppy and Golden Retriever Training Explained

Antony Golden

Meow Kitty Cat Care Log Book Journal

Kristy Jenkins

Slithery Creature Care

Peter Wolfgang

Aquaponics for Beginners - An Aquaponic Gardening Book to Building Your Own Aquaponics Growing System to Raise Plants and Fish

Garrick Mitchell

Origins - In Search of Ancient Dog Breeds - First Volume - From Prehistory to Ancient Greece

Giovanni Padrone

Cat training techniques

Den Atkison

Betta Fish - Learn all about Betta Fish

Leandro Silva

Dog Potty Training

Steve Macollins

Pet Birds

Normany Alkon

Horse Training

Winnie Prandell

How To Housetrain Any Dog

Ben Afford

The Gordon Setter - A Guide for Owners

Larry Slawson

Dog Basics For Newbies

Melinda Jackson

The Airedale Terrier - A Guide for Owners

Larry Slawson

The English Setter - A Guide for Owners

Larry Slawson

The Affenpinscher - A Guide for Owners

Larry Slawson