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Raiders of the Universes

Planet 313, Donald Wandrei

Jewl and the Jinx - Book 5 of the Earth to Irth Series

Nan Whybark

Under Arctic Ice

Harry Bates, H.G. Winter, Planet 313

The Martian Cabal

Roman Starzl, Planet 313

My Babysitter is a Robot

Dave Cousins


Philip Wylie, Planet 313

Orion Lost

Alastair Chisholm

The Story of the Amulet

Edith Nesbit

Misadventures in Not Space

Hiphung Lam

She's Building a Robot - (Book for STEM girls ages 8-12)

Mick Liubinskas

The Adventures of Sparkie and Spazoid Book 1 - Portal's World

Pete A O'Donnell


Robert E. Howard

1 Helen's dream and the Greek heritage Part I

Karel Glaukopis

1 Helen's dream and the Greek heritage Part II

Karel Glaukopis

Copanatec - A Timecrack Adventure

William Long

Temple of Syan

Sabina Skiba

Guardians of the Keys

Heidi Louise Williams

The Stardust Mystery

Peter Solomon

The Fifth-Dimension Tube

Murray Leinster, Planet 313

The Man Who Mastered Time

Ray Cummings

The Rats of Finance

Andrew Cannon

The Whiteash Key

Heidi Louise Williams

Farewell to The Master: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Harry Bates, Planet 313

Compu-MECH Quarterly - AI!

Theodore Raymond Riddle

Compu-MECH Quarterly - Clones and The Gunman!

Theodore Raymond Riddle

The Bondi Finz™ FreeRacer - FreeRacer

S J House

FLUX - Sequence of Astrometry

W L White III, Nilanjan Malakar

FLUX - Celestial Genesis

W L White III, Nilanjan Malakar

Danny Dunn Invisible Boy

Jay Williams, Raymond Abrashkin

My House by the Tall Palm Tree

Sumi Sarkar