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Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

Lord Byron

Poems on various subjects religious and moral

Phillis Wheatley

A Lute of Jade : Selections from the Classical Poets of China

L. Cranmer

A Heap o' Livin'

Edgar A. Guest

It's a Beautiful Day!

Ellis June Emily

It's a Beautiful Day!

Emily June Ellis

One Can See Differently by E C

Eugene St Martin Jr

Everyone's the Smartest


I Love God's Creatures

Rebecca J. Vickery

Reflections Revisited - A Collection of Poetry and 3 Wicked Excellent Short Stories

Norma Jean Campanaro

Beautiful Butterfly

Indaria Jones, I'lea Williams

Whichever Way The Wind Blows

Barbara A. Pierce

From An Ant Hill Springs A Mountain

Barbara A. Pierce

The Birth of Jesus Christ

Sheldon Graham

Moonbeam Tracks

Carmelle Thorfinnson Cant

Poems for wee ones

MaryAnn Diorio

Jonah and the Whale

Sheldon Graham

Falling Out of the Sky - Poems about Myths and Monsters

Rachel Piercey, Emma Right

Kingdom Kids - Treasuring the Truth Through Rhymes and Songs

Shelley Vieira

What Are Drugs? - A Parent’S Doorway to a Difficult Topic

Lynn Field

Becoming to Being

Sofy Brinister

My Words; Knot Spoken

Nadin Nassar

My Thoughtful Words

Lorraine Donfor-Chen

My Artworks And Thoughts

Lorraine Donfor-Chen

Write Your Own Haiku for Kids - Write Poetry in the Japanese Tradition - Easy Step-by-Step Instructions to Compose Simple Poems

Patricia Donegan

Mystery: Longing For Home - Nature's Garden #2

Elynn Price

The You-Song

Joanne Otto

Can't Stop Reading - Short Stories Poems Blogs and more

Ros Haden, Dorothy Dyer

Armored Armadillo to Zippy Zebra - An Alliterative Anthology of Animals

Carol Robinson Baker

Dragon Red

Shoo Rayner