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Voyage of the Dogs

Greg Van Eekhout

Cats vs Robots #1: This Is War

Margaret Stohl, Lewis Peterson

The Engineer of Beasts - A Novel

Scott Russell Sanders

A Thief Saves the World - Save the World & Battle Royal Adventures

Jamie Sandford

The Seismic Seven

Katie Slivensky

Museum of Lives

Décio Coelho


Chris Bonnello

Time Tracers: The Stolen Summers

Annabeth Bondor-Stone, Connor White

Sascha Martin's Time Machine - A kids' sci-fi misadventure that will have you in stitches It's funny too

John Arthur Nichol

Outlaws of Time #3: The Last of the Lost Boys

N. D. Wilson

Beyond the Rainbow Flash Book 1 in the Flash Travelers Series - Book 1 in the Flash Travelers Series

Andrew Cannon

Enchantress from the Stars

Sylvia Engdahl

Following Baxter

Barbara Kerley

How to Sell Your Family to the Aliens

Paul Noth

Flashback Four #3: The Pompeii Disaster

Dan Gutman

Billy Stuart in the Minotaur's Lair

Alain M. Bergeron

The Oceans between Stars

Kevin Emerson

Omega City: Infinity Base

Diana Peterfreund

Space Runners #2: Dark Side of the Moon

Jeramey Kraatz

Death by Airship

Arthur Slade

The Halloween Raid - A GameLit Short Story

George Saoulidis

How to Properly Dispose of Planet Earth

Paul Noth

Daniel Coldstar #1: The Relic War

Stel Pavlou

How Oscar Indigo Broke the Universe (And Put It Back Together Again)

David Teague

Timeless: Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic

Armand Baltazar

Pirates Way

Connie Simon

PROPHET - Ghost In The Machine

Markus Rehbach

The Daybreak Bond

Megan Frazer Blakemore

Billy Stuart and the Zintrepids

Alain M. Bergeron

Trapped in a Video Game - Robots Revolt

Dustin Brady