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Young Readers

Children’s, Teenage & Educational / Fiction & true stories / Speculative, dystopian & utopian fiction

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Story of a Superhero - The Superhero Who Stopped the Zombie Plague

Jeff Child

Diary of a Wimpy Zombie - Kids’ Stories from the Zombie Apocalypse

Jeff Child

Zombie Hunter - Diary of a Warrior in the Zombie Wars

Jeff Child

Dust 2: A New World Order - Dust the Series

S.E. Smith

Secrets of Hopelight

Eva Blackstone

To The End of the World

Ignacio Valenzuela Jose


J. Giambrone

Warhol Worm

I. D. Oro

Chasing Liberty - Book one in the Liberty trilogy

Theresa A Linden

Bound to Find Freedom - A short story related to the Chasing Liberty trilogy

Theresa A Linden

Return of the Nibbles - American-English Edition

Elias Zapple

The King Tingaling Painting - American-English Edition

Elias Zapple

The Anthropocene Chronicles - Part I

Emma Pullar, Saranne Bensusan, Carmen Radtke

Fillmore the Dragon

Elias Zapple

Return of the Nibbles - Duke & Michel

Elias Zapple


Liliana Marchesi