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Young Readers

Children’s, Teenage & Educational / Fiction & true stories / Speculative, dystopian & utopian fiction

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Lockdown - The Infidel Books

Angela R. Watts

Starter Zone - The Revelation Chronicles #1

Chris Pavesic

Slide: A YA Dystopian Space Adventure - The Crimson Dust Cycle #2

J.S. Arquin

The Disease (The Adventures of Nora Watson Book 3) - The Tales of Nora Watson #3

S. Andrea Milne

Mark of the Triad - Cyber Hunter Chronicles #1

D. B. Goodin

Looking Further Backward

Arthur Dudley Vinton, Bauer Books

The State

N.K. Aning


Rachel Tremblay

Young Explorer's Adventure Guide Volume 6 - Young Explorer's Adventure Guide #6

Nancy Kress, Deborah Walker, Templeton Moss, Dana Bell, Holly Schofield, anne m. gibson, Dawn Vogel, Elise Forier Edie, L.H. Davis, Marilag Angway, Eric de Carlo, Wendy Nikel, William B. Wolfe, Alex McGilvery, J.L. Bell, A. Katherine Black, Melanie Harding-Shaw, John Bushore, maria haskins, Andrew K. Hoe, Imade Iyamu, Elle Jauffret, N.R.M. Roshak, J.R. Rustrian

A Community of Peers - After Dinner Conversation #16

Dean Gessie

To the Beginning and Journey Through Here - Worlds to the Side #7

Michael A. Susko

Down Below and the Archon's Castle - Worlds to the Side #1

Michael A. Susko

Four: A Divergent Collection

Veronica Roth

This I Do For You - After Dinner Conversation #4

Margaret Karmazin

Age of the Undead - Kill or Be Killed

Jake Winston

Facing the Flag

Jules Verne, Bauer Books

Girl of Glass: The Complete Collection

Megan O'Russell

The First Men in the Moon

H. G. Wells

The Magic City

E. Nesbit

The Story of the Amulet

E. Nesbit

Amnesia - Genetic Roulette #2

G.K. Stream

Mirrors of Eden - The Castaway King Chronicles #2

Spencer Labbe

Zombie Apocalypse for Kids - The Sudden Zombie Invasion (Adventure Stories for Kids)

Jeff Childs

Zombie Apocalypse for Kids - Four Teenagers on a Dangerous Journey (Kids’ Adventure Stories)

Jeff Childs

Story of a Superhero - The Superhero Who Stopped the Zombie Plague

Jeff Childs

Diary of a Wimpy Zombie - Kids’ Stories from the Zombie Apocalypse

Jeff Childs

Zombie Hunter - Diary of a Warrior in the Zombie Wars

Jeff Childs

Seed Savers-Heirloom - Seed Savers #3

Sandra Smith

Young Explorer's Adventure Guide Volume 5 - Young Explorer's Adventure Guide #5

Deborah Walker, Bruce Golden, Sherry D. Ramsey, Siobhan Carroll, Kate Sheeran Swed, Emily Martha Sorensen, Holly Schofield, anne m. gibson, Dawn Vogel, Damien Mckeating, L. G Keltner, Wendy Nikel, William B. Wolfe, Harold Thompson, David Turnbull, Aubrey Campbell, Mike Baretta, J.L. Bell, Roan Clay, Rachel Delaney Craft, Shelia Crosby, Dana M. Evans, Alyssa N. vaughn, Jeannie Warner

Dust 2: A New World Order - Dust the Series

S.E. Smith