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The Asylum Novellas - The Scarlets The Bone Artists & The Warden

Madeleine Roux

The Warden

Madeleine Roux

Shallow Graves

Kali Wallace

Weird Stories Gone Wrong 3-Book Bundle - Carter and the Curious Maze Myles and the Monster Outside Jake and the Giant Hand

Philippa Dowding

Carter and the Curious Maze - Weird Stories Gone Wrong

Philippa Dowding

Brightwood - Special Preview - The First 5 Chapters

Tania Unsworth

The Nightmare Club: Dr White

Annie Graves

Fish Finelli (Book 3) - Ghosts Don't Wear Glasses

E.S. Farber

The Ghost of Tillie Jean Cassaway

Ellen Harvey Showell

Footsteps on the Stairs

C. S. Adler

Moonlight War- Act I - The Realmers Series #2

William Collins

The Castle of Wolfenbach

Eliza Parsons

The Abbot's Ghost

Louisa May Alcott

Mysterious Window

zubair ali akbar

Frightened! - The Beginning

Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II

After School

David Tenenbaum

A Tale for Halloween and Other Spooky Stories

Jennifer Jelliff-Russell

My First Zombie Book

J.A. Angelo

Terry Silverman and the Demon Wolf - Terry Silverman #1

Sikandar Vayani

Dark Night Stories to Scare Kids

Wardan Stanlo Wischowski

Welcome to Harmony - Horror in Harmony #1

Dan O'Mahony

Bloodline: A Tale from the Town of Harmony - Horror in Harmony #3

Dan O'Mahony

Gwen Gladstone: A Tale from the Town of Harmony - Horror in Harmony #2

Dan O'Mahony

Skeleton Keys: The Unimaginary Friend

Guy Bass

The New Mother - With a Poem by Lola Ridge

Lucy Clifford

Wooden Tony - Including 'The Wooden Doll'

Lucy Clifford

House Guest - Orphan Dreamer Saga #7

J Nell Brown

Too Much Imagination - Chirpy Chapters #4

Renee Conoulty, Tom Conoulty, Molly Conoulty

The Shunned House

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Werewolf Max and the Monster War

N. A. Davenport