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Dad's Beard

Matt Buttich

Invent Your Own Superhero: A Brainstorming Journal - Deluxe Edition

Holly Schindler

101 Pet Jokes

Hennessy Kids

Kids Joke Book - Kids Joke Book Ages 9-12

Dr. Demanu

Captain Funny Pants Presents Clever Jokes for Clever Kids

Aaron T. Arthur

101 Christmas Jokes

Hennessy Kids

Spanish ( Easy Spanish ) Learn Words With Images (Vol 7) - Learn 100 new words with comic characters images and bilingual text

Mobile Library

Delphi Collected Works of Stephen Leacock (Illustrated)

Stephen Leacock

101 Halloween Jokes

Hennessy Kids

Sneezing - Body Goo #1

Casey L Adams

300 Toughest Riddles and Brain Teasers for Kids


It’S Me Windy Weather Outside!

Brenda E. Thomas

Awesome Riddles for Awesome Kids - Trick Questions Riddles and Brain Teasers for Kids Age 8-12

Myles O'Smiles

Whizzing Through The Woods

Butterfly Children

Little Kids Vocab - Kids Activity Book

Ralp T Woods

Fun Jokes for Funny Kids - Jokes riddles and brain-teasers for kids 6-10

Myles O'Smiles

Funny Knock Knock Jokes

Prof John Graham

When The President Poops

Aroop Mukharji, Auyon Mukharji

Animal Jokes

Joe King

Apple the Golden Doodle - In Search of a Family

Chad Napier

Fables of the Amazon: Fun Lessons in Ecology

Alan J. Hesse, Dr. Louise H. Emmons

The Ballad of Egg Man Jeff

Karl Woodhouse

Elizabeth Meets the Queen: A War Heroine’s Journey

Gwen Lee

Get Rich Vlogging - Zoella Did It Alfie Did It Now You Can Do It

Zoe Griffin

My Sister Sophie

Cindy Mackey

Aaron's Day Off

Cindy Mackey

New York to Paris? Charles Lindbergh Did It First! Biography of Famous People | Children's Biography Books

Baby Professor

Brain Teasers

Raghav Arora

Embarrassing Period Stories: Twenty Totally Awkward Tales of Preteens and Periods

Foxglove Lee

Children Love to Tell Jokes

Bernard Levine