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Kill Monster

Sean Doolittle


Tim Wells

The Praying Well - Pray That No One Is Listening

J.L. Olguin

Moonlight City Drive 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Brian Paone

Till Sudden Death Do Us Part

Simon R. Green

Auguries The

F.G. Cottam

Bloodline Curse - Don't be alone in the fitting - room Urban legend in Asia comes to life

Arthur Crandon

The Laws of the Skies

Grégoire Courtois

The Life of Death

Lucy Booth

Reunion of Blood

Robert McTyre Jr


Michelle Paver

Braineater Jones

Stephen Kozeniewski

At The Edge of No Return

D. J. Adamson

Now Entering Silver Hollow

Anne L. Hogue-Boucher

Mercy Hospital

Anne L. Hogue-Boucher

The Blood of Seven

Claire L. Fishback

Lump - A Collection of Short Stories

Claire L. Fishback

Angels of Light - Beyond the Veil

Mark Vance

Zombie Hooker - A Love Story

James H Longmore

Worship Me

Craig Stewart

The Big Book of Bootleg Horror Volume 3 - By Invitation Only

Jeff Strand, Edward Lee, Richard Chizmar, Ray Garton, David Owain Hughes, Jack Ketchum, Chad Lutzke, James H Longmore

Dangerous Toys

Brian Knight

Goodbye Daisy Brown

Missy Haze

The Spectral City

Leanna Renee Hieber

Bloody Parchment - Remains of an Old World

Nerine Dorman

The Voodoo Man

Denise D.

The Skeleton Makes a Friend - A Family Skeleton Mystery (#5)

Leigh Perry

Help the Witch

Tom Cox

The Knightmares

G.A. Finocchiaro

Preternatural Love

RJ Saxon