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Bluebeard's First Wife

Seong-nan Ha

Rachael's Return - A Novel

Janet Rebhan

Johnny Junk - Tulpa Chapbook Series

Brian Knight

Death is Blind - Tulpa Chapbook Series

Brian Knight

Apocalypse Green - Tulpa Chapbook Series

Brian Knight

Children of Filth - Tulpa Chapbook Series

Brian Knight

Heart of the Monster - Tulpa Chapbook Series

Brian Knight


Kevin J. Anderson


Geoffrey Gudgion

Size Zero

Abigail Mangin

The Buying of Lot 37

Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor

Who's a Good Boy?

Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor

Even the Dogs - A Novel

Jon McGregor

The Terrible Old Man

H.P. Lovecraft

Kwaidan - Stories and Studies of Strange Things

Lafcadio Hearn

The Luminous Dead - A Novel

Caitlin Starling

The Night Visitors - A Novel

Carol Goodman

My Lockdown - A Virus Outbreak Horror Thriller

Andrew Mackay


Rhys N Rivers

Four - The Thrilling Conclusion to the Lance Belanger File

MJ Preston

The Witches of St Petersburg - A Novel

Imogen Edwards-Jones

Night Theater - A Novel

Vikram Paralkar

Feather Eye

Charles S. Kuzmanovic, Mark Giacomin

H P Lovecraft: The Complete Collection

H.P. Lovecraft

Night Train to Murder

Simon R. Green


Mary O. Paddock

Wages of Sin The

Judith Cutler

Paramourn - Unfortunate Romances

John Edward Lawson

The Blood Poetry

Leland Pitts-Gonzalez

Isabel Burning

Donna Lynch