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Classic horror & ghost stories

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A Fragment of Life

Arthur Machen

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Washington Irving

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde

The Mysterious Island - Illustrated Edition

Mark Twain

The Fourth Macabre MEGAPACK®

Richard Wilson, George T. Wetzel, Frank Belknap Long, J.N. Williamson

The Unholy Grail

Fritz Leiber

Scream Wolf

Fritz Leiber

The Cloud of Hate

Fritz Leiber

The Wolf Pack

Fritz Leiber

Lean Times in Lankhmar

Fritz Leiber

The Casket-Demon

Fritz Leiber

The Ship Sails At Midnight

Fritz Leiber

Schizo Jimmie

Fritz Leiber

Later Than You Think

Fritz Leiber

When The Sea-King’s Away

Fritz Leiber

Damnation Morning

Fritz Leiber

Bazaar of the Bizarre

Fritz Leiber

Fritz Leiber Super Pack #1

Fritz Leiber

True Tales of the Weird - A Record of Personal Experiences of the Supernatural

Dickinson Sidney

The 11th Golden Age of Weird Fiction MEGAPACK®: E Hoffmann Price - 18 Classic Fantasy and Horror Stories

E. Hoffmann Price

The Voyage of Julius Pingouin and Other Strange Stories

Frédéric Boutet

Claude Mercoeur’s Reflection and Other Strange Stories

Frédéric Boutet

The Return of the Djinn and Other Black Melodramas

Brian Stableford

E Hoffmann Price's Pierre d'Artois: Occult Detective & Associates MEGAPACK® - 20 Classic Stories

E. Hoffmann Price

Satan's Circus (Fantasy and Horror Classics)

Lady Eleanor Smith

Five Classic Horror Stories - Frankenstein the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde the Werewolf Dracula the Phantom of the Opera (Fantasy and

Authors Various

The 7th Ghost Story MEGAPACK®

Guy de Maupassant, R. A. Lafferty, Talmage Powell, Fletcher Flora, Frank Belknap Long

The Second Cthulhu Mythos MEGAPACK®

H.P. Lovecreaft, Lin Carter, Darrell Schweitzer, Avram Davidson, Frank Belknap Long

The 8th Golden Age of Weird Fiction MEGAPACK®: Frank Belknap Long (Vol 1)

Frank Belknap Long

Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Illustrated by Harry Clarke

Edgar Allan Poe