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Dark Carousel - A Story

Joe Hill

The Chestnut Man - A Novel

Soren Sveistrup

The Glass Woman - A Novel

Caroline Lea

Her Majesty’s Swarm: Volume 2

Battalion 616th Special Information

Her Majesty’s Swarm: Volume 1

Battalion 616th Special Information

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Washington Irving

Volk - A Novel of Radiant Abomination

David Nickle

Eutopia - A Novel of Terrible Optimism

David Nickle

Before The Echo

Alex Westmore

Fire of Unknown Origin

Walter Duke

A Summoning of Souls

Leanna Renee Hieber

Rhunken Chronicles - Tongass

Mark F. Mahoney

Celerity - A Psychological Thriller

Scott Falcon

Hollywood North - A Novel in Six Reels

Michael Libling

Chapel Street

Seal Paul Murphy

The House on Widows Hill

Simon R. Green

Growing Things and Other Stories

Paul Tremblay

Something New

Andrea Murray

The Brink - An Awakened Novel

James S. Murray, Darren Wearmouth

Bluebeard's First Wife

Seong-nan Ha

Rachael's Return - A Novel

Janet Rebhan

Johnny Junk - Tulpa Chapbook Series

Brian Knight

Children of Filth - Tulpa Chapbook Series

Brian Knight

Heart of the Monster - Tulpa Chapbook Series

Brian Knight

Death is Blind - Tulpa Chapbook Series

Brian Knight

Apocalypse Green - Tulpa Chapbook Series

Brian Knight


Kevin J. Anderson

The Buying of Lot 37

Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor

Who's a Good Boy?

Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor

Even the Dogs - A Novel

Jon McGregor