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Occult fiction

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Broken Angel

Brian Knight

The Classic Horror Collection

H. P. Lovecraft

Supernatural Short Stories

Bram Stoker

Woo Woo - A Cape Charles Novel

Joe Coccaro

The Captain of the Polestar (Serapis Classics)

Arthur Conan Doyle

Moonlight City Drive - A Supernatural Crime-Noir Trilogy

Brian Paone

American Ghost - A Novel of Weed Ouija and the Afterlife

Paul Guernsey

Devil's Call

J. Danielle Dorn

A God in the Shed

J-F. Dubeau

The Publisher's Acronym

Ray Clift

Call Me Ishtar - A Novel

Rhoda Lerman

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Washington Irving

The Lovecraft Code

Peter Levenda

The Lovecraft Code

Peter Levenda

Descent to Hell - How far would you go to rescue a loved one?

Nic Parker

Blurred Vision - Seven billion voices about to be silenced

Chris Botragyi

Dead Man Walking - A country house murder mystery with a supernatural twist

Simon R. Green

Expect Deception - An Operation Delphi Novel

JoAnn Smith Ainsworth

A Game Called Loneliness - Incarcerated Tale

George Vîrtosu

Charnel House

Graham Masterton

Hangman's Hitch - Donna Maria McCarthy

Donna Maria McCarthy

The Guardian

Joyce Sweeney

What I Tell You In the Dark - A Novel

John Samuel

All Hallows' Eve - A Kit Marlowe Short Story

M.J. Trow

The Backward Time Traveler

Parker Rimes


Chelsea Quinn Yarbro


Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

The Godforsaken

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Sins of Omission - A Novel of Occult Suspense

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

The Familiar

Benjamin E. Sawyer