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Rose's Descent - An Urban Fairytale

Tigris Eden

Now Entering Silver Hollow

Anne L. Hogue-Boucher

Mercy Hospital

Anne L. Hogue-Boucher

The Blood of Seven

Claire L. Fishback

Lump - A Collection of Short Stories

Claire L. Fishback

Angels of Light - Beyond The Veil

Mark Vance

Worship Me

Craig Stewart

Dangerous Toys

Brian Knight

Goodbye Daisy Brown

Missy Haze

Bloody Parchment - Remains of an Old World

Nerine Dorman

The Voodoo Man

Denise D.

The Skeleton Makes a Friend - A Family Skeleton Mystery (#5)

Leigh Perry

The Garage

J. Dispenza

Help the Witch

Tom Cox

The Knightmares

G.A. Finocchiaro

Preternatural Love

RJ Saxon

Samuel Johnson's Eternal Return

Martin Riker

The Collected Novels Volume One - Harvest Home Lady All That Glitters

Thomas Tryon

No Trespassing

William J. Bumstead

Wicked Angel - A Novel

Taylor Caldwell

The Lucifer Chord - British horror

F.G. Cottam


Bram Stoker

The Cardboard Cutout Man

David Alexander

Grandghost - A haunted house mystery

Nancy Springer

Urushi and Other Stories from Ososo

Albert Afeso Akanbi

The Sleeping Man

Stephen Carignan

The Palm Reader

Christopher Bowron

Grief Cottage - A Novel

Gail Godwin

Blue Water

Joseph Parcell

The Graham Masterton Collection Volume Two - The Devil in Gray and The Devils of D-Day

Graham Masterton