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Hot Filthy Wife - Total Non-Stop Action

Jenny Lee

Pet Training - The Perfect Slave

Jenny Lee

The Slave Wife - Ready and Willing

Jenny Lee

The Big Hard Secret - Shemale Surprise

Jenny Lee

Between Two Masters

Steve Maser

The Dealer

Anastasia Seed

Diary of a Lover

Cherry Younger

The BDSM Confession - Diary of a Sinner

Tomicono Pani

The Dragonfly House - An Erotic Romance

Sam McAuliff

The Training

Alexander Kelly

The Supplication of the Male Pig

Chris Bellows

Slaves of the Circle T

Charles Graham

The Taking of Cheryl Book One - Cheryl Captured

Paul Blades

Tales Of Love & Cruelty

Lance Edwards

The Party Boy

Chris Bellows

Miss Laura's Students - A Novel of Erotic Education

Imelda Stark

The One Pound Pony Girl

Charles Graham

Laura's Evolution

JG Leathers

The Filly

Paula Moore

The Secret Sins of Lizzy Barton

Lizbeth Dusseau

Having It All

Jurgen von Stuka

The Intruder

Ashley Hind

When Sarah Screamed

Tobias Tanner


Jurgen von Stuka


Jurgen von Stuka


SJ Lewis

The Contract

JG Leathers

The Novice Prey

SJ Lewis

Voluntary Prisoner

JG Leathers

Rachel's Re-Education

Olivia M. Ravensworth