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Dual Language Bilingual Education - Teacher Cases and Perspectives on Large-Scale Implementation

Deborah K. Palmer, Kathryn I. Henderson

Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Migration Control - Language Policy Identity and Belonging

Markus Rheindorf, Prof. Ruth Wodak

Chronotopic Identity Work - Sociolinguistic Analyses of Cultural and Linguistic Phenomena in Time and Space

Dr. Sjaak Kroon, Jos Swanenberg

Research Methods for Complexity Theory in Applied Linguistics

Ali H. Al-Hoorie, Phil Hiver

Fluency in L2 Learning and Use

Pekka Lintunen, Maarit Mutta, Pauliina Peltonen

The Coral Way Bilingual Program

Maria R. Coady

Learning and Using Languages in Ethnographic Research

Robert Gibb, Annabel Tremlett, Julien Danero Iglesias

Choosing a Mother Tongue - The Politics of Language and Identity in Ukraine

Corinne A. Seals

A Transdisciplinary Approach to International Teaching Assistants - Perspectives from Applied Linguistics

Stephen Daniel Looney, Shereen Bhalla

L2 Grammatical Representation and Processing - Theory and Practice

Dr. Deborah Arteaga

Voices of a City Market - An Ethnography

Dr. Adrian Blackledge, Dr. Angela Creese

Using Linguistically Appropriate Practice - A Guide for Teaching in Multilingual Classrooms

Dr. Roma Chumak-Horbatsch

Profiling Learner Language as a Dynamic System

Dr. ZhaoHong Han

Decolonising Multilingualism - Struggles to Decreate

Dr. Alison Phipps

Mandarin Chinese Dual Language Immersion Programs

Ko-Yin Sung, Hsiao-Mei Tsai

Critical Perspectives on Global Englishes in Asia - Language Policy Curriculum Pedagogy and Assessment

Fan Fang, Handoyo Puji Widodo

Connecting School and the Multilingual Home - Theory and Practice for Rural Educators

Maria R. Coady

Social Consequences of Testing for Language-minoritized Bilinguals in the United States

Jamie L. Schissel

Language Learning and Teaching in a Multilingual World

Marie-Françoise Narcy-Combes, Jean-Paul Narcy-Combes, Julie McAllister, Assist. Prof. Malory Leclère, Grégory Miras

English-Medium Instruction and Pronunciation - Exposure and Skills Development

Karin Richter

Critical Reflections on Research Methods - Power and Equity in Complex Multilingual Contexts

Doris S. Warriner, Martha Bigelow

Household Perspectives on Minority Language Maintenance and Loss - Language in the Small Spaces

Isabel Velázquez

Identity Trajectories of Adult Second Language Learners - Learning Italian in Australia

Cristiana Palmieri

Second Language Literacy Practices and Language Learning Outside the Classroom

Miho Inaba

Twelve Lectures on Multilingualism

Prof. David Singleton, Dr. Larissa Aronin

Making Signs Translanguaging Ethnographies - Exploring Urban Rural and Educational Spaces

Ari Sherris, Elisabetta Adami

Profiles of Dual Language Education in the 21st Century

Prof. M. Beatriz Arias, Molly Fee

Teacher Leadership for Social Change in Bilingual and Bicultural Education

Deborah K. Palmer

Immersion Education - Lessons from a Minority Language Context

Pádraig Ó Duibhir

Understanding Second Language Process

Dr. ZhaoHong Han