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Dictionary of Magic

Harry E Wedeck

The Zen Collection - Zen Dictionary and Zen and Shinto

Ernest Wood, Chikao Fujisawa

Mama's secret - Mammy’s busy daily work

Dr. Whys

The Oracle Bone Inscriptions from Huayuanzhuang East - Translated with an Introduction and Commentary

Adam C. Schwartz

Chinese Grammatology - Script Revolution and Literary Modernity 1916–1958

Yurou Zhong

Writing the Past - The Eagles and Dragons Publishing Guide to Researching Writing Publishing and Marketing Historical Fiction and Historical Fantasy

Adam Alexander Haviaras

Productivity For Authors - Find Time to Write Organize your Author Life and Decide what Really Matters

Joanna Penn

Endless Ideas - Master Bottomless Creativity

Sean Platt, Neeve Silver

Love Notes from a German Building Site

Adrian Duncan

How Languages Saved Me - A Polish Story of Survival

Tadeusz Haska, Stefanie Naumann

Typin’ ‘Bout My Generation - Write the legacy only you can leave

Ninie Hammon

Easy Spanish Stories For Beginners - 5 Spanish Short Stories For Beginners (With Audio)


F*ck the Details - Fewer words Sharper stories

Joel Quinn

Elements of Fiction

Walter Mosley

How Your Story Sets You Free

Heather Box, Julian Mocine-McQueen

Write On Sisters! - Voice Courage and Claiming Your Place at the Table

Brooke Warner

Become a pro speaker - The techniques used by the world's greatest speakers

François Fleuve

Lebanese Idioms of Levantine Arabic

Borhan Ahmad

Love Was The Excuse

Sinelisiwe Sibeko

Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2020

Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Publishing

Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2020

Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Publishing

How to Write Fast - Better Words Faster

Sean Platt, Neeve Silver

(Re)Writing the Script of Your Life - The TROONATNOOOR Guide to Writing for Film

Markus Heinrich Rehbach

Agatha's Last Supper - A dark comedy in two acts

Evi Tsaousaki

2000 Most Common Portuguese Words in Context - Get Fluent & Increase Your Portuguese Vocabulary with 2000 Portuguese Phrases

Mastery Lingo

Victims - A Collection Of Poems On HIV AIDS

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

The Feast Of Virginity

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

There's No More Sky To Eat

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

When An Eagle Turns To Vulture

Dumbiri Frank Eboh

The God Of Vanity

Dumbiri Frank Eboh