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How to Learn Languages - From the Latest Research to a Step by Step Plan

James Murray, Simon Pawolleck

Healing with Heart Rate Variability - Using Biometrics to Improve Outcomes in Trauma-Informed Organizations

Matthew Bennett

Comic Art in Museums

Kim A. Munson

And So We Live Forever Bidding Farewell - Assisted Dying and Theology

John Parratt

The World Looks Different Now - A Memoir of Suicide Faith and Family

Margaret Thomson

The Voucher Promise - "Section 8" and the Fate of an American Neighborhood

Eva Rosen

Queer Alliances - How Power Shapes Political Movement Formation

Erin Mayo-Adam

Rethinking Readiness - A Brief Guide to Twenty-First-Century Megadisasters

Jeffrey Schlegelmilch

Power & Impact - Secure status achieve goals tactically use communication rhetoric body language manipulation techniques & psychology of persuasion guide & understand people

Simone Janson

Digital Pirates - Policing Intellectual Property in Brazil

Alexander Sebastian Dent

Suspense! Present like in Hollywood - Learn effect & power of rhetoric convince with appearance for success inspiring speeches & talks communicate moderate speak & perform to win

Simone Janson

The Principle of Hope High Sensitive Introverted Emotional - Understand & overcome social fears communicate with confidence self-love & efficacy trust & vulnerability make strong

Simone Janson

Focus & Concentrate on the Essentials - Work efficiently& achieve goals mindfully learn mental resilience & anti-stress methods gain serenity & success be happy & self-confident

Simone Janson

Oscar-Winning Speeches - Effect appearance self-confidence learn the power of rhetoric communicate present moderate well convince with body language gestures & facial expressions

Simone Janson

A Hurricane in my Head

Matt Abbott

An Unlikely Spy

Terry Deary

Getting Rich by Magic - Learn to save & earn money easily achieve asset goals get intelligent investments stocks & finances the best strategies - index funds & equity trading

Simone Janson

Onboarding - New in Job - Recognize bad employers when you apply deal with your boss & colleagues change & restart with communication teamwork & team spirit integrate as employee

Simone Janson

Metabolic Diet - A Beginner's Step-by-Step Guide To Kickstarting Metabolism For Weight Loss: Includes Recipes and a 7-Day Meal Plan

Bruce Ackerberg

Good Bye Bullshit Jobs - Deal with your boss only do useful things find meaning & earn more money save time & become more productive delegate unloved work be efficient & happy

Simone Janson

Digitalization & Change Management - Artificial intelligence & companies leadership between hierarchy & automation innovative technology & future perspectives in the world of work

Simone Janson

Robot as a Colleague? No Fear of Job Loss - New career opportunities with automation use digital skills training potential gain future perspectives with artificial intelligence

Simone Janson

Eye-Catching Applications for Job Search in Difficult Cases - Apply with 45 plus - cover letter & templates sell your resume & CV successfully win every interview with motivation

Simone Janson

Career Plan - Job Application for Executives - The right strategy with guaranteed success apply with templates convince with motivation & cover letter sell with a perfect resume

Simone Janson

Self Publisher’s Toolkit - Includes Self Publishing in the 2020s and Marketing Your Book to Libraries

Eric Otis Simmons

How to Write a Job Application - Sell yourself thanks to cover & motivation letter instead of only applying online & offline conduct interviews with perfect resume use templates

Simone Janson

Teamwork Psychology Development - Employee motivation project & personnel management to joint success perfect leader-communication argue & solve conflicts achieve common goals

Simone Janson

Eventually - Yes! You Can Have a Baby

Myeong-Ja Kang

Recruiting Knowledge for Job Seekers - Criteria of applicant selection & procedures writing unsolicited applications recruitment tests & references online reputation & interviews

Simone Janson

Myth of Motivation New Ways to Reach Goals - Learn resilience win mental strength find inner peace & serenity with mindfulness gain personal power achieve targets successfully

Simone Janson