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BAD (Begin Again Differently) - 7 Smart Processes to Win Again After Suffering a Business Loss

Claudette Yarbrough

Poetic Remedies for Troubled Times - from Ask Baba Yaga

Taisia Kitaiskaia

The Top 1% Life - The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Free Up Your Time Build Your Business with Confidence and Finally Have a Life Outside

Kathleen Black

Fifty Feminist Mantras - A Yearlong Practice for Cultivating Feminist Consciousness

Amelia Hruby

Up from Nothing - The Untold Story of How We (All) Succeed

John Hope Bryant

Strawberry Angel and the Bean - A love story as old as time

Roy Dow

The Martians - Evidence of Life on the Red Planet

Nick Redfern

The Prosperity Principles - How to Think and Act Like a Millionaire

Joel Fotinos

The Art of Making Memories - How to Create and Remember Happy Moments

Meik Wiking

Sabotage - How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Emma Gannon

Harness the Power of the Invincible Mind - Spatial Strategy to Success and Happiness

Alex Neumann

Creative Calling - Establish a Daily Practice Infuse Your World with Meaning and Succeed in Work + Life

Chase Jarvis

The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility - Thriving Organizations – Great Results

Marilyn Gist

Brand Yourself A Weight Loss Expert

sagar boraste

Productivity Boosting Methods; For The Positive Mind


Discover Your Real Wealth - If Money Is the MeansThen What Is the End?


Bounce Back - Reclaim Your Life After a Concussion

Vanessa Woodburn

My Child's Not Depressed Anymore - Treatment Strategies That Will Launch Your College Student to Academic and Personal Success

Melissa Lopez-Larson

Be(loved) - Poetry and Prose for the Journey Home

Dakota Adan

Live Healthy with Hashimoto's Disease - The Natural Ayurvedic Approach to Managing Your Autoimmune Disorder

Vikki Hibberd

Eighteen Inches - The Distance between the Heart and Mind

Mirtha Michelle Marmol

Prayers for Healing - 365 Blessings Poems & Meditations from Around the World (Meditations for Healing for Readers of Earth Prayers or Praying Through It)

Maggie Oman Shannon

Everyday Resilience for Everyday Heroes

Rob Clark

Give Yourself Margin - A Guide to Rediscovering and Reconnecting with Your Creative Self

Stacie Bloomfield

Black Fatigue - How Racism Erodes the Mind Body and Spirit

Mary-Frances Winters

Beat Breast Cancer Like a Boss - 30 Powerful Stories

Ali Rogin

Life's a Journey Not a Destination - How to Live for Each Moment and Find Adventure in Every Day

Vicki Vrint

She Believed She Could So She Did - A Modern Woman’s Guide to Life

Sam Lacey

The Book of Old Ladies - Celebrating Women of a Certain Age in Fiction

Ruth O. Saxton

Heart Healthy Drinks

Senthil Natarajan